How To download and install FIFA 16 (Working 100%) – PC Free

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How to Download GRAND THEFT AUTO V GTA 5 – V108771/ V136 ULTRA REPACK 2.1X By FitGirl :

1) u need to download origin
install it i have already done it

2) download fifa 16 demo and intsall it

3) then download fifa 16
skidrow or FIFA 16 Super
Deluxe Edition-RLDGAMES i have already downloded it!!
use torrent for download

4)then go to fifa 16 full version game folder
select all copy it to fifa 16 demo

5)while copying skip all file

6) After copying that delete dlc and data folder from fifa 16 demo folder

7)then go to fifa 16 full version game folder copy dlc and data then paste it to fifa 16 demo folder

then delete folder in dlc ,powdlc file or folder delete it

8)after this go to start menu search windows firewall with advanced security

9)click on inbound Rules then click on new rule click next then browse fifa 16 demo select it click next then select block the connection then name it as fifa 16 demo

10)then make 2 create more new rules of fifa 16 and fifaconfig

after that download Creation Master 16 and install it

11)right click on Creation Master 16 icon select open in folder

12)then open Templates folder copy data and dlc and paste it into

fifa 16 demo folder

while copying replace all file

then rename fifa 16 demo as fifa 16

then play it!!!

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