INSTANT FEELS | Ori and the Blind Forest: Part 1

Man, Ori and the Blind Forest wastes NO TIME in bringing the feels. Oh, and it’s also freaking awesome.
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Outro song: “Pongathon” by Matt Buckley


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43 thoughts on “INSTANT FEELS | Ori and the Blind Forest: Part 1

  1. Years old video but I feel compelled to share what I was scared of. The wolf Gamork from The Neverending Story was the scariest thing I had ever seen as a child and it haunted my dreams for years

  2. 2:06 I won't spoil anything, but the ending of the will of the wisps completely changes the way you comprehend what Lizzy says.

  3. Also the thing that scared me as a kid is: zombies I was five or six years ago when I stopped playing the resident evil games and it scarred me

  4. This… this is the game where I literally want to cry myself to sleep 😢😭 this game looks SO sad but cutesy

  5. “Oh my god I wanna live there”
    The spirit tree: (Telepathically clears throat) well… about that
    Edit: as for the question well
    When I was like 7 my sister made me watch a slender man video and I was LITERALLY traumatised for the next few weeks

  6. I love ori she is so cute I love this game I love this game I love this game I love this game I love this game I love this game!

  7. I'm seeing this for the first time because I watched your BS on the Internet from mid July. Never seen or heard of Ori before. Watched the trailer you guys reacted to of Ori and the Will of the Wisps and that alone got me feeling a little something. Immediately looked for you play through and got 6 minutes in before I had to stop watching because of the feels. That was about 3 weeks ago. I've been REALLY hesitant about picking it back up again mainly due to fear of what I was going to see and feel. Picked it back up again today from the 6 minute mark and made it to 9:30 and had to stop again. I don't do well with emotional things – gets into personal things but I don't handle it well which really sucks because I want to watch this.

  8. I'm finally getting around to playing through the game now so that I can start watching your playthrough (didn't want to spoil it for myself). What an absolute masterpiece! And I love seeing how you guys react!

  9. I come here from time to time with the intention of having a good man cry and you'd think by now I'd be used to this but no I still find it heartbreaking.

    I can't imagine what Will of the Wisps has in store but based on the Trailer it looks like we're in for another Feels Simulator for sure.

  10. Hey meng! Rewatching this series while replaying ori myself. 😛
    can't wait for Ori and the will of the wisps! Super hyped!

  11. I never heard of this game before. Is it for the PS4? 0.0

    I really like the color settings, the theme and the story so far!

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