iOS 13.5 Final (GM) Speed Test : Should you upgrade?

Apple released iOS 13.5 GM today, and it is expected that
the final release will come later this week. As this is a
GM release the final release will be the same as the GM
and as such have the same build number, so will be testing
this one as a final. iOS 13.5 comes as we know with new
support for Covid-19 contact tracing, and other new features
such as automatic prominence of video tiles in Group
Facetime calls, but hopefully performance will be better
or at least just as good as what we have seen from iOS 13.4.1
Time to test.

Great Qi charger (the one I use)

Music by Niwel (see credits below)

Track 01 : Summer Breath
Track 02 : Panavi

Niwel is a french music producer. Check out his stuff below.

– YOUTUBE:…ub_confirmation=1




– SOUNDCLOUD: @niwel-516897768




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22 thoughts on “iOS 13.5 Final (GM) Speed Test : Should you upgrade?

  1. Battery test coming in 5 days.

    iPhone SE 00:16

    iPhone 6S 07:11

    iPhone 7 13:39

    iPhone 8 19:53

    iPhone XR 25:48
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  2. to my surprise this update solved my battery excessive drain problem now i can enjoy my iphone 7plus to the fullest i don't know why this is my last update i m not going to update to any newer version i can't take risk lol i was so frustrated of charging it like 6 times a day look now this solved my problem

  3. Great speed test 👍 btw, when iOS 12.4.7 speed test and battery test? Would be interesting 🙂

  4. I have 13.3.1 but I want to upgrade to 13.5 due to upcoming jailbreak. The main question here is – will i get the same battery life on 13.5 as I already have in 13.3.1? Can't find anything on that so far

  5. Guys please help! I’ve downloaded the update on my iPhone 10 XR but it’s still stuck at the apple logo bar (since 12 hours ago & till now…) please tell me what to do. I’m currently using another phone to type this comment.

  6. Захожу всегда сюда, чтобы понять надо оно мне или нет. Даже несмотря на то что сейчас пользуюсь iPhone 11, сомневаюсь об обновлении оси. А все начиналось с классной и быстрой работы iOS 8 на iPhone 6. Author of this channel, thank you so much😉

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