iOS 13.5 – Why it's CRUCIAL to update..

Why iOS 13.5 is a CRUCIAL Update! | iOS 13.5 Review (1 Week Later)

A week after the release of iOS 13.5, we run through all of the important details that matter – including performance, battery life, the VPN bug, COVID-19 contact tracing updates, security patches & much more!

This update is a must-install for most people and this video should help you understand why.

iOS 13.5 Released – What’s New?:
16 iPhone Settings You NEED to Change Immediately:
iOS 14 – Release Date Confirmed + More LEAKED Features:
2020 iPhone SE vs iPhone 11 vs XR vs 8 vs 7 vs 6S vs SE Battery Life DRAIN TEST:
iPad Pro (2020) – First 15 Things To Do:
How I Maintain 100% iPhone Battery Health:

0:00 Intro
0:20 13.5 Jailbreak
1:04 Application Bug
1:53 Contact Tracing Apps
4:08 VPN Bug
4:50 Bugs Patched in 13.5
7:06 Text Message & Mail Bugs
7:50 Performance
8:28 Battery Life
9:40 Connectivity
10:14 Community Feedback
11:59 Conclusion

Have you updated to iOS 13.5 yet?


Security Content of iOS 13.5:
VPN bug:

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34 thoughts on “iOS 13.5 – Why it's CRUCIAL to update..

  1. Hey Brandon, Ever since I updated my IPhone 11 Pro Max to the iOS 13.5 update my phone has been overheating faster. It’s never got hot like this and I don’t keep it in hot conditions either, please help me and reply as fast as possible

  2. 13.5 update is a little bit not working especially on face ID recognition when your woearing a mask. So, you need to enter your passcode when not recognizing your face. 😌

  3. i have a problm in 13.5 in x max.its restart everytime i used for 1 to can i solve this .plze help

  4. Does anyone have scrolling error in safari? Sometimes I just can’t scroll and have to close the tab. The bug usually happens when I go to another app and come back to safari

  5. Hi. European user here. Bought 11 pro max and initially there was no update when I first opened it and right now when I tried setting the phone it requested the update (no other option). I was like ok, downloaded it and now it’s been installing for more than 2hrs and nothing is happening. Is this normal? There is nothing I can do to cancel it or idk… could you please help me?

  6. Actually the Swiss Army is much more forward thinking than many people would imagine. In fact they are working on a new knife that they will be releasing soon. It has different sections that flip open that you can use like tools. It’s not just a knife.

  7. Contact tracing is absolutely more then they are telling us! i’m glad to see most states are not on board, we’ll see how long it last😒… Anyway, I most certainly am not updating and everyone i know aren’t either, do not trust this shit people! i’m not wearing a tin foil hat here but this is pure evil and we are in the end times. They are gearing up and getting their checklist ready! similar to the census. We are not sheep, we are not going to surrender ourselves up for the slaughter like they want us too! the “Corona Virus” is real, however it wasn’t an accident.

    The world leaders are using this as a test on the masses, they see how everyone is behaving in this crazy ass time now with their virus and they are preparing for the coming war. This isn’t gonna be like any war mankind has ever seen before!… Lord help us 🙏🏽

  8. The battery life of my iPhone 11 decreased so fast from 89% to 69% I did not use it the whole night after charging and also I turned off the brightness, wifi, bluetooth and cellular 😭😭😭

  9. My iPhone Xr (Running iOs 13.5) was unlocked a 2 times today without taking off my face mask. Does anyone experience that? Do I have to be scared or it’s just a big Update from apple?

  10. Bro why my iPad it was in iOS 13.5 but when I play game like PUBG and mobile legend….! It was quite auto ?

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