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Today we have another episode of FIFA History and today’s episode is dedicated to FIFA 14. FIFA 14 was the first game to make it’s way onto the next gen consoles and it also included a little world cup 2014 dlc.

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Things We Want in FIFA 20:

FIFA 19 New Updates and More:

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FIFA 19 ‘Stupid Things’:

Things That Don’t Make Sense In FIFA 19 Career Mode:

FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist:

FIFA History:

FIFA 19 Career Mode Is Broken:

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FIFA 20 Confirmed Information + Rumours:

Things You Didn’t know about in FIFA 19 Career Mode:

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Things That Don’t Make Sense In FIFA 19 Career Mode:


Removed Career Mode Features We Want Back In FIFA 20

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32 thoughts on “IS FIFA 14 STILL PLAYABLE IN 2019?

  1. i was just thinking about buying this..the career mode back then was better. easier traded, OP youth academy, and it still has alot of my favorite players available for many years in career mode. I remember the action being much quicker back then too. for 5 bucks i dont see any reason not to give it a buy

  2. Some of the best times of my life was on this game I still remember specific goals and plays from that game and imo the world cup that year is probably the best one ill ever see. The soundtrack was one of the most well rounded ones too wasn’t a bad song in that game.

  3. How dare you even think that FIFA 14 would be unplayable in 2019. You absolute prick. FIFA 14 is the peak of gaming. PERIOD. Liberal.

  4. Fifa 14…by far the best modern fifa games around… Decent graphics… Decent controls… Not too complicated to play… The fifa games you get tday are amazing for graphics… But are terrible for gameplay as they ve tried to make it too realistic and complicated… Fifa 14 was the perfect balance.

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