Japan Terrace House's Hana Kimura Gone at 22 [ Story & My thoughts]

The tragedy of Hana Kimura:

It is sad and tragic news to hear the loss of Hana Kimura, 22 who was a famous wrestler and cast member or reality tv show Terrace House in Japan. She was unfortunately sad and distraught over a lot of hate she received from Japanese viewers of the show who didn’t like the way she reacted on one of the episodes.
Due to these attacks and cyberbullying, she lost all hope and ended her life. Here are my thoughts on not only her tragedy but the situation of online harassment in general.

Rest In Peace Hana.

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39 thoughts on “Japan Terrace House's Hana Kimura Gone at 22 [ Story & My thoughts]

  1. it's so sad that this happened to such a beautiful person. i'm angry!! those bullies should be hunted down and arrested. the TERRACE HOUSE SHOW should be sued cuz the re-released some vids of hana in a negative light a few days before her death leading the bullying to return. it's not right. someone needs to pay for this!!! great video ozzy. well spoken my brown brotha

  2. I saw this video two days ago and at first, I wanted to respond angrily because you're speaking about a topic and person you know nothing about. You and the Japanese media chalk it up to being about "cyberbullying" but it's deeper than that and you vaguely touched on it. Her being on terrace house is not "a major reason she ended her life" Maybe it has to do with the fact that shes was a hafu and her entire life shes had to deal with morons and idiots saying she's not good enough she's not Japanese enough calling her a half breed a monkey! I saw those comments. Constantly throwing insults her way at a young age and her having to power through all that negativity to make something out of herself! Can you imagine for a second what that's like? You know as well as I do Hafu is an accepted form of racism in japan! It's disgusting and it's wrong! I live in new york and we're dealing with that shit as I write this and its time japan addresses it as well. considering it only "cyberbullying" is dismissive to the real problem! Her slapping that guy I understand. Imagine working towards your dream a goal you're entire life and not only achieving said goal but achieving it 5 years into your career in the biggest wrestling event of the year. An event only men have wrestled in since it began. Inside the Tokyo dome, women don't wrestle in there and for the title! Wrestling fans know that it was a historic event for women and so did she! That's why she acted the way she did and even at the end of the episode they squashed it! For months after that EVERYDAY she had to deal with hate comments! You talked about receiving a negative comment here or there SHES DEALT WITH NEGATIVITY EVERY DAY OF HER LIFE! magnify that by 10,000 after that episode aired. The 11:32 mark really pissed me off because you clearly don't know what you're talking about DO SOME MORE RESEARCH before commenting on something you're not familiar with. Another thing is the fact that you monetized this video by adding adds when you should be bringing awareness to "cyberbullying" but more importantly in my opinion racism is disgusting. I dont expect a like on my comment or even a response I dont think you're built like that (that's not an insult its an observation) but I wanted to eloquently express my opinion of this video. I found this video in particular so NOT awesome.

  3. HELP!! A japanese girl on instagram is writing today that she may kill herself. Try to help her, she is "scrumper_vo_ov
    " on instagram. I don't know how to help from Sweden.

  4. Cyber bullying is way painful than physical sometimes because as you can see what happened to Hana its sad..Cyber bully attacks mentally and its more painful sometimes.

  5. Ok I'm not going to lie, when I watched the costume incident episode, I was pissed about it and how Hana treated Kai but instead of sending a hateful message to Hana, I sent a support message to Kai and I think that's what everyone should have done. She didn't deserve this.

  6. Wow she was cyber bullied just for being upset over her uniform shrinking? What a dumb @$$ reason to be upset with her. Ppl r nvr happy when there clothes shrink. Idk hm she over reacted, or if she even did but, the girl is only human, and the poor girl made amends. D@MN. Idk her, nvr saw the show but she looks like a really sweet person from the pictures. I could be wrong but, either way it's a shame she lost her life bc of the public being so petty, stupid, and decided to bully her for stupid bs. Ppl are such heartless and petty @$$H013$. R.I.P. Hanna.

  7. We all know this Cyberbulling, is done by miserable people who have little to no life. They are angry at their shitty l lives. And instead of doing something about, they like to spread their misery.
    It's gutless and it's any wonder they have no life.. I hope they can't sleep at night.
    RIP Hana..🧡

  8. Bullying is a very cowardly act. Just today I had to deal with it with some dumbass who nearly run me over at a pedestrian crossing (yes he behaved like that after almost running me over). I too got bullied when I was a kid. Beause of that it has affected my personality. When people think they can mess with me I now immediately come very strong at them. I'm still not a big guy so they think they can handle me but I'm not backing down. Just like you it ruins my day though. This type of bullying is different in terms of defense compared to cyber bullying. The only way to defend yourself from that is to either take it all in or shut yourself in. It's sad that you can't win if you're getting bullied no matter what the outcome is.

  9. This is so important to bring awareness to. Thank you! The internet gives 24/7 access and many people are cowards and just plain mean.

  10. When I moved to Tokyo last year my Japanese friends introduced me to Terrace House as a way to help me work on language skills, but also to provide insight into social interactions in Japan. It was there I learned of Hana Kimura. A duality, confident and strong in the ring, just another human trying to understand themselves outside of it. She was kind, she was strong, she was flawed. Just like the rest of us. She never deserved the hatred that broke her down so far that she felt the only way out was to take her own life. In her I saw my own desire to make a place for myself in the world and to find love. Watching her struggle was heartbreaking, when she grew it was uplifting. Now she is gone. Be nice to each other.
    Rest easy Hana, I hope you are at peace now.

  11. I cried when I heard the news. She's my favourite houseguest of this season :'(

    R.I.P Hana♡

    + I've also noticed that when the houseguests reads hate comments about themselves on the show, they'd get very emotional because they're not used to it. That's what happens when they put themselves in the spotlight. They have to prepare for any criticism. It seems that Japanese people aren't very vocal or expressive with their true feelings, especially to prevent their friends and family from worrying about them, so it must've been very painful to keep everything bottled up inside all the time. :'( I hope this makes them open up more and reach out when they need help.

  12. This is so sad. I get hate comments too. I have a fairly tough shell but it still hurts. I feel the same as you that i'm lucky I didn't really have a cellphone and social media wasn't around until I was in college. I find I am able to take it less seriously. My sister who is 11 years younger, I remember her coming to stay with me one summer and she just started crying. Some girls from her high school who bullied her during the school year were messaging her on facebook doing the same thing. I was so shook, like what kind of person goes out of their way to harass someone on their summer break? I can't imagine how hard it was for her to not be able to leave the bullying. At least when we were young we could go home and forget about the bullies now they are around 24/7.

  13. Her manager might have seen signs that something was wrong and didn’t recognize them. She probably canceled scheduled events and public appearances, or maybe arraigned for bills to be paid. As a former police officer I had responded to suicides where family members and friends all mentioned signs like saying goodbyes, canceling plans, paying bills in advance to family wouldn’t have to, making subtle comments about not being around. I responded to a gun store where the employee called us because a customer wanted to buy a gun and was making comments about shooting himself. So it makes me wonder if she had many subtle cries for help that went unnoticed.

  14. Don't think about the hate, your a good guy and you like to make content om youtube amd your not worried about being a big deal or in the public eye. Keep doing what you do, your a boss I wish I had the determination as you bro.

  15. Hi Ozzy your video was extremely well spoken and you expressed your opinions perfectly. I watched Terrace House and Hana was my favourite so I was very upset at what happened, I still cannot believe it. Cyber bullying (any bullying) is horrible and should never be tolerated. I think Social Media platforms need stronger rules and regulations. I think every Twitter, Instagram, Line or Facebook account should be linked to an email account or server account so that it can be traced if cyber bullying occurs; there should be no anonymous accounts. I also do not like the word bullying. I think it is a soft word and does not truly reflect how harmful it is. Perhaps Cyber Assault and Intimidation. Anyway I hope that videos like yours will help reduce the scourge of cyber bullying.

  16. Yes heard about it here too few days back!! Sad! But there is always smartasses around unfortunately!!
    There is good side and this bad side to socialmedia!! ✌

  17. I is sad for each lost life – Bullying is a really big problem. Not only in Japan… I could tell you stories; it has lasted from schooltime until my last day at work. Now I have escaped because I am now retired and I am happy about that!
    For cyberbullying should be punished – In each country because it is an international problem. Our legislative should change the laws.

    But not being online with all the lockdown is very difficult if you have nobody who stands to you. But as soon as it is over I will go to museums, chocolate factories, taking train rides, eg again because I have to take some photos for my girlfriend who is English and who lives in London….. (PS: I met her online….)
    Thank you very much for your video you are sharing with us.

  18. Cyberbullying is really for those with no dignity. They are just cowards who hide behind the screen and believe they have power to do whatever they want because they won't get caught and they have no responsibility for their actions since many others are doing it. It's lame. It's pathetic. If they even have an inch of dignity, I hope they carry the weight of the person's death whom they've cyberbullied with them for the rest of their life and make it up by doing better things.

  19. I believe there’s a difference between expressing you’re opinion & cyber bullying someone .sadly this is something that has been around as long as the internet has & hopefully will change in the future to prevent this kind of tragedy from happening again

  20. Dude, this is a really deep video. Really great message and I feel you. If anyone writes dumb crap on your comments you know I'm gonna get them! 😀 Love you bro!

  21. Good advice. When I was young in the '60's, I was the Protector. I didn't like bullies, and when they picked on people, I would go beat them up. (My Apache uncle taught me to fight. "Never start a fight, but be the one who finishes it.") I was one of the first people to be trolled on the internet, in that I was violently "killed" on alt.callahans in the early '90s. I took the wind out of the troll's sails, by showing up saying "Nothing to see here, folks. it was just a simulation, a social experiment," and I had reincarnated. Since then, I have been on reality tv, (because of my very-much-younger husband) and had nasty comments made about me online. It's strange what happens when you confront people with being a real person, online. I've invited people to meet me in Real Life, and no one has yet taken me up on it. I think they're actually afraid. These guys are a bunch of cowards who would never have the courage to face me in real life. I wish I could pass that on to people who encounter these Internet Thugs and let them know that they're just pathetic losers who try to feel powerful by tossing words from a place where they can't be reached. It's like a sport to them. I wish there was a place where the bullied on the Internet could go to gain support from others who have had to deal with it.

  22. In regards to cyber-bullying its frickin tricky to curtail and stem away thoroughly, social media platforms will need lots of online censorship and moderating tools which is a slippery slope to suppression of freedom of speech. This is partially why although we are aware of the harms of cyber bullying; not enough has been rolled out to prevent it.

  23. Glad you covered this and offer a fair and just insight. Rest in Power Hana, tragically young and senseless suicide. She's Gone but never forgotten.

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