Jungkook Proving Why He is Called The Golden Maknae For 17min Reaction

Our Beautiful, Stunning, Gorgeous Golden Maknae!!
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jungkook proving why he’s called the golden maknae for 17 minutes
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28 thoughts on “Jungkook Proving Why He is Called The Golden Maknae For 17min Reaction

  1. Hi, please react to the video: "BTS Jungkook 🔥 HOT MOMENTS 🔥" by Yurina. My utt is Jungkook and my bias is Jimin. I really love your reactions so much (you and your mother)!.😘❤😘❤

  2. U are right in saying that he look at the Internet on how to debone a fish, I saw the whole video of him during their bon voyage session 4.

  3. hi i love all ur videos, pls react to BTS House of Army and BTS Dalbang Dorm, and also pls react to jin's solo songs, Awake, Tonight (song dedicated to his pets who passed away) Mom and Autumn Outside The Post Office..

  4. React to jungkook's dance breaks, flexibility, material arts https://youtu.be/vryjB2fdytA
    And jungkook's amazing vocals https://youtu.be/RChzzk8Kqao
    Or jungkook dance compilation by kookie ray
    He is good at fishing now

  5. 예쁘신 두분 언제나 너무 즐겁게 하시는 리액션 보면 즐겁고 재미있어요 가족 모두 어려운 시기에 감염병에 조심하시고 건강하시기를 바랍니다

  6. pls react to jungkook's DANCE BREAK, FLEXIBILITY AND MARTIAL ARTS COMPILATION….pls…i want to hear your reaction to that video…..

  7. Hi i am your new subcriber i love your reaction with your moms😊 can you react to bts vmin moments i think about a lot please😊 stay healthy guys💜💜🤗🤗

  8. Yes him dancing with jimin is SO SEXY…show your mom the video of them dancing to Drake's song…HAWT!!?

  9. I love watching you and your mom react to BTS…I am the same I only stan BTS but I do like GOT7 but not like I am with BTS and my bias is jimin

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