Kamen Rider Battride War Genesis – Den-O Liner Form Gameplay – HELL

Kamen Rider Den-O Liner Form gameplay in HELL MODE! How to change into Liner Form and know his moveset? Detail is in description!

How to change into Liner Form? When mission start as (MUST be) Sword Form, press left twice and then down in D-pad. NOTE: If you press R2 twice, Den-O Liner Form will transform into Chou Climax Form.

MOVESET (I made up the name for Liner Form’s attack)
Square = Slash | Hold Square = A tiny chat | Triangle = Tackle Slash | Circle = Heavy Slash (Press again for more) | Jump + Triangle OR Circle = Throw DenKamen Sword at enemy | Triangle + Circle = Swing Slash | Square + X = Dash Attack (will consumes 50% of 1 Super Bar / if you add Red Shadow Moon figure for Infinity Super, use it as many as you like.

That’s all for moveset! Thank you for watching!

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  1. 1:37 사기능력 발동 2:33 와…이것까진 몰랏내 5:38 타자도르 콤보 등장 5:40 멋지게 필쓰고 1초컷…6:01 프토티라노 콤보 등장 6:06 필살시전 후 멎지개 컷!

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