KPOP Fancam Situation & BTS Suga/Jim Jones Controversy

I’ve been asked a lot to talk about the disturbing kpop fancam situation that has been going around twitter and instagram as well as Suga sampling a sermon by Jim Jones. So let’s just jump right into it!…oh wait.

The KPOP fancam situation is basically an issue of people seemingly posting regular fancams, but then it cuts to disturbing footage. This can be especially damaging for certain people, so please be aware and try to turn off auto-play on social media sites that allow you to do so.

As for Suga, he’s been under fire for using a sample of a sermon by Jim Jones in his song “What do you think”. Though we don’t know Suga’s intentions as of now, there are a lot of thoughts surrounding it so I thought we could discuss them.

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KPOP Fancams 1:00
Agust D/Suga Backlash 3:44
Your Thoughts 10:07


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27 thoughts on “KPOP Fancam Situation & BTS Suga/Jim Jones Controversy

  1. Attacking Yoongi ain't helpin' ya'll 😒💅
    Just go back to where you parasites came from and leave us and Yoongi alone. He already apologized and sent out a thing explaining what it ment and it clearly says "HE DID NOT INTEND TO AFFECT ANYONE. HE USED IT FOR OTHER PURPOSES."
    Deeply inhales 😠😒

  2. I have a fanpage and I got sent one of those fancams. I only got the notifications and they kept on saying :” hey, dont worry, Im just pretending to be “those” accounts” it freaked me out. Their @ is @/taetaeslitz.. please be careful. I didn’t watch it, I blocked them, reported them and Told everyone I know. If you want more information I’m @twicefanaticss on ig

  3. bighit has now released a statement about yoongi's sample, and apparently he didn't produce the song and didn't know it was in there -_- ppl were bashing him for no reason smh

  4. Remember other idols or BTS inspiring us the key to making the change correctly with all the division, discrimination and separation! Instead it’s in everyone’s power to be inclusive, unite and support each other when the government is lacks the leadership!
    First of all BTS or other idols aren’t politicians and you’re asking for them to stand like a politicians.
    Also, news get filtered at different amount per different countries! There are a lot more complex matters that involves when public speaking about matters. Also the intensity or level of critical aspect gets picked up much later to tiger countries!
    FYI, BTS have been saying all along for everyone what everyone should be thinking and need to be done based on what’s been happening now!!!

  5. Everyone should watch the MV of RM of BTS and Wale, “CHANGE” on YouTube!
    BTS have been saying all along for everyone what everyone should be thinking and need to be done based on what’s been happening now!!!

  6. so upon my research,their posts usually have scary pictures,a fancam,the word slitz in their names and that symbol thingy.they be dumb putting slitz in their names so people know that they are gonna send a fancam tho :/

  7. I was kinda a “victim” of seeing those kinds of videos. One of those cult idiots sent me a video of Tae singing and I ended up jumpscared by a man beheading a body. Absolutely disturbing. I blocked that account and reported it. I also made all of my account private. NEVER EVER OPEN THOSE VIDS, VISIT THEIR ACCOUNTS OR ANSWER THEIR QUESTIONS. 😰😰😰

  8. Bighit have addressed this issue and I believe it’s time to let it go. The sermon was taken out pretty quickly so I’m over it. Jim Jones killed over 300,000 black people and we had non blacks speaking over us and telling us how we should react to the sermon being put into the song.

  9. I just learned about this now I’m scared to go in insta cuz I only follow hashtags that have to do with edits and I don’t want to experience more gore

  10. Yeah I haven't self harmed in almost two years. I saw a video of a girl cutting herself. I've relapsed. I can't believe that loving EXO would actually feed into my self harm when it made me so happy. I blocked and reported. DO NOT feed these evil people. They want to hurt you.

  11. I don't think Yoongi wanted to glorify Jim Jones. I read it as criticism. Of course art is open for interpretation but then again there is so much art that some people will say it's inappropriate or makes them feel uncomfortable, but those artists don't get "canceled". It gets just labeled art, whether it's music or any other type of art

  12. Kind of long. If you do not want to read about Jim Jones or cannot handle reading a quick summary, please do not read this. Or at the very least read only the last paragraph.

    To help make your point/clarify something. Jim Jones was not anti-South Korea. He was more of an anti-capitalism. As you said he was very enamored with North Korea (he adopted two children from Korea, and I believe that only one survived). A big part of why this evil man became so popular was due to the time. It was the early civil rights movement era for America, when he started giving sermons. In the mid 1950's it was extremely rare to have white people and people of color in the same churches, but Jim Jones welcomed them all. His popularity came to its full heights when he started conducting 'fake healings'. And as racial tensions grew after Martin Luther King's death in 1968, more people of color flocked to him. He became one of the greatest con-men alive, and according to reports was very charismatic.

    And looking at what is happening in America right now, in particular the Black Lives Matter movement. There were more people of color that drank the Kool-aide in the Jamestown Massacre, and approximately a third of the people that participated were children under 17 years of age. To many in the black community Jim Jones is a nightmare, and the sermon can be very triggering. Adding the sermon would have been better if it was referenced in the song. Instead, all we have is translation which are, may I remind everyone, basically up to the translators understanding of the Korean language, that hold no reference to the incident.

    I'm not condemning Yoongi for the use of the sermon, nor am I trying to defend him. It's good that BigHit was quick in responding to this matter, apologizing and re-releasing the song without the sermon, was a good call. I know some people want Yoongi to publicly apologize on his own, but we have to realize that he is part of BigHit and he did partake in the discussions prior to the official statement. I also know that several people are still upset about this, and that is fine, process your emotions at your own rate. Your pain is valid. But I do not condone people proverbially dragging Yoongi through the mud, based off his Vlive about the album. Again, most of us do not speak Korean, and rely on translations. Translations that the translator tries to make sense of his words into another language. Saying he thanked the COVID-19 pandemic for the album, and interpreting that to him being happy about the current world issue is childish. I'd like to remind those who think he doesn't care about the pandemic, or people in suffering, that he donated 100 million won ($83,000 USD) to relief funds. And throughout his time as an artist has donated a lot of money to other humanitarian causes.

  13. Something I’ve noticed is that there is Hate, criticism, and constructive criticism. Personally I like constructive criticism because it shows people care.

  14. hi so, i waned to say some words about the fancam situation, i am part of gore twitter and do watch those fancams,but first of all, if you go and search for gore thins yourself when an account has 1000 tw about it being triggering,and the post thing like 'OMG IM SHAKING I JUST SAW A GORE FANCAM HELP ASKJBKJCA' that's mean,like a lot. then i waned to clarify those symbols, the symbols you showed is about one gc, 1, everyone can make a gc between themself and do HAVE do have a differend symbol,since every gc is differend and so has to be the symbol, not everyone has that,so if you want to block someone that has gore on they're account,don't just look for that but for other symbols as wel since a lot of us are in 3+ gc bc life is boring. for third, a lot of us are minor and do have a lot of differend mental illnes, and gore twt it's just one way for us (yes, i do have mental ilness and am a minor) to deal with our things, since gore twt is honestly much more welcoming,sweeter and friendly than stan twt,i never excpected to say it,but it's true. then,ppl say we bully inncocent ppl, no, not all of us, yes some gc do,and that's really a mean thing to do,but the mst of us just bully maps,pedophile,zoophiles,nectrophiles,racists,transphobe,homophobe (a lot of us are also lgbtqia+[me too]) and so on… . we are not part of the pridefall,,and we do NOT want to get private information from you,if someone sends you a link,ofc block and report,but we DO NOT do that. and,,why shouldn't we be able to stay on twt? why can pedophiles or serial killers be there but not us? our gc are full of crackheads behaveour like normal stan twt gc,so why can't we? yes, i do alpologize for the people that do make fancams,that's a really stupid thing tbh,but now we are all scared to be reported bc we actually don't do anything? there are so many spy'es now that we can not even trust somebody anymore,like you all do,it was our place to deal with our mental illnes,now yall maked it worse,,please stop with it. if yall do not want problems than do not reply to us and tell us to kill ourself when on our bio we have a tw that we are suicidal? you are in the wrong too (stan twt),we are also kpop fan,we also tell to vote,strea buy and all those things that you all do,do not treat us differendly,,. bye.

  15. I already cross one on twt that really gave me a huge panic attack and trigger me hella hard that I can't even sleep at night.

    Edit: if you ever across one on twitter, please immediately block and report their account if they have a symbol on their bio or if their username have @slitz please report them. If they dm you a message saying "what are you afraid of" DON'T ANSWER THEM, they will send you disturbing images or videos and they can even hack your account. Please be aware that the fancams are seen on instagram, youtube, and even in tik tok, block and report them immediately!! another way that you can avoid these fancams on twitter is to turn off autoplay and mute their symbol.

    Please be safe 💜 if you want to know more informations, go to @fancamssituation on instagram they have the list of these fancams to look out for and accounts to block and report them .

  16. Thank you for covering the whole fancam issue. I had no idea about it and I am so glad you warned me. Keep up the great work!

  17. The producer of the song mistakenly used this sample without proper research and Bighit issued an apology and REMOVED IT.. But it still won't stop you from shitting over BTS just because armys cancelled you on twitter a while ago. Well, understandable.

  18. Honestly I haven't encountered and heard about the "Fancam" situation, and now that I've heard it, I'm absolutely paranoid to go to twitter and Instagram.

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