League of Legends | Spirit Guard Udyr Jungle – Full Game Commentary

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30 thoughts on “League of Legends | Spirit Guard Udyr Jungle – Full Game Commentary

  1. anyone else notice that at the end of the game lee sin said "this team" as if he was carrying the team with his 10/10 item build xD

  2. hello captainmonk i wanted to ask you if u puT DMG or Tank runes for udyr??? please answer
    also i sunbscribed on ur channel

  3. Tbh udyr is supposed to be fast as possible, so you should always go with swifties. Also now that runic echoes build is popular with udyr devourer build is kinda dead. -coming from an udyr main

  4. when you 1 v 1 its better to do E stun Q atack speed and atack dmg and W if low no pheonix and when 2 v 1 pheonix use

  5. thank you very much. now i know how to play udyr in jungle. i just need to get level 10 to get the jungle items^^

  6. at minute 14:48 you can easily do dragon because botlane is pushed up their jungler died toplane so get those free stacks

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