League of Legends – Spirit Guard Udyr Theme – Music – Extended HD

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League of Legends login screen, featuring new skin: Spirit Guard Udyr.
Original and full music length in HD quality.

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Login screen directory: C:Riot gamesLeague of LegendsRADSprojectslol_air_clientreleases.0.1.83deploymodlgnthemes

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24 thoughts on “League of Legends – Spirit Guard Udyr Theme – Music – Extended HD

  1. Holy shit… I just realized I started playing when he came out… I remember having no idea what he was and clicking through the different stances

  2. This theme can seriously compete with Lissandra's theme, both sound so epic, different from Jinx/Vi themes.

  3. The thing is, Udyr was born in Fjord and raised in Ionia, so this music fits perfectly the essence of Ionia, gotta love this!

  4. Man, when this screen popped up on the opening screen when it was released you just knew you invested al  your time in the right game. Gotta love Riot for their innovation!

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