Leaked Again – Third FREE Game on Epic Games Store!

Epic Games Mega sale has already given us two free games GTA V and Civilisation VI and I made videos on both of them before they actually revealed it.

Next two mystery games are now on their way with the upcoming one on May 28th, what is it? Let’s find out on this video.


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47 thoughts on “Leaked Again – Third FREE Game on Epic Games Store!

  1. Years ago, I always dreamt about being a YouTuber and aiming for likes (learned from CarryMinati) and I can't believe I'm at a point where I asked you guys just for 30 likes and got over 70 in under a few hours. This makes me more happier than anything, love you all.

  2. there is no "leaked" information epic games already announced which games will become free
    1. GTA 5
    2. Civilisation VI
    3. Borderlands
    4. Ark Survival Evolved (which is not out yet)

  3. Nice video. I get so anxious that I cave in and find your videos. Handsome collection on ps4 already but with my new RTX upgrade i think I can revisit. 🙂

  4. I'm facing a lot of lag in gta online(not in story mode), although I am having pc specs more like a mid specs so any solutions??

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