Lionel Messi ● World Cup 2018 ● Argentina's Leader HD

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A video showcasing Leo Messi’s greatest dribbling skills, passes & tackles, his two assists and his goal against Nigeria during the World Cup 2018 in Russia. The little fella has been fighting alone as usual, sadly for the GOAT, Argentina doesn’t deserve him.

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Hope you enjoyed this video, help me improve by leaving your opinion in the comments section.
Visca El Barca & long live our GOAT Messi.

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34 thoughts on “Lionel Messi ● World Cup 2018 ● Argentina's Leader HD

  1. Argentina did well against France they deserved a lil more for all the hard times Argentina has gone through they have gone through managers and it’s really been a hard time for them

  2. So sad for him, I hope argentina do not fuck up on copa america coz that will be the last time messi in prime. The next wc messi maybe will play, but they surely will not rely on a 35 years old man

  3. You know I think If messi will have a great players next to him he still cannot win the world cup because he need big players who helps him and not players who don't want to share with him the ball. I mean it's the world cup, the standards is much higher as usual, the players in the other team is the best and everyone need to be at foucus. So why it's steel happand to him, he doesn't deserve it.
    And now he don't have another chance….

  4. Van haber que en el mundial de Qatar 2022 Messi va ganar la copa del mundo.
    Messi el mejor del mundo.

  5. To me Lionel Messi means 'Fight…fight and fight till the end!!!!'

    We often judge him by the fact that he's been unable to bring the world cup for his side but nobody sees that he always does give his best in each and every match for Argentina no matter how much weak his own side is or how much strong his opponents are.
    He has to fight against 10 guys from the other team, fight with his own side's shortcomings, fight with his critiques and carry the burden of expectations of all over the fans around the world and we stupidly argue that Mbappe or Goetze can win the world cup while Messi can't!
    Put any other player in his position and then judge. Simply they will be pissed off

  6. Lionel Messi's World Cup campaign is very, very underrated. He has been an elite fighter & defender during this World Cup, gave everything, defended & was involved in every single dangerous Argentina attack. Sadly, oftentimes, he was all alone with 0 movement around him and had 10 defenders to dribble.
    Despite all of this, he managed to get a total of 23 dribbles in 4 games while getting a very special and intense treatment, which is absolutely unreal. 🐐

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