Lionel Messi crying after losing Copa America 2016 Final

Lionel Messi crying after losing Copa America 2016 Final
Lionel Messi Cries After losing the 2016 Copa America
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15 thoughts on “Lionel Messi crying after losing Copa America 2016 Final

  1. মেসির বিশ্বকাপ দেওয়া দরকার না
    জুতা দেওয়া দরকার

  2. I dont understand why people hate him. I understand it if someone hates any fanbase. But he does everything he can give to give his team a trophy. How gan u troll someone who cries because he lost something big.

  3. So sad video, I can understand how hard feeling it is. Three consecutive years lost in the final, that's hard to accept! But it's definitely not Messi's fault! He is the leader of Argentina team and without him, there would be no finals for Argentina at all! I hope he would not blame himself so much! No matter what's the results, Messi is the greatest soccer player, from the past to the future!

  4. it's too bad because Argentina and MESSI are beters and they. Messi it is not your fault you give all your pawer but in penalties win lackier

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