Maradona: "I saw Messi crying like a 5-year-old child" | Oh My Goal

Lionel Messi has dominated world football for 10 years. Messi has experienced incredible highs at FC Barcelona but also devastating lows with the Argentinian national team. While coaching the Albicelestes, Diego Maradona saw Lionel Messi “crying like a five-year-old child” following yet another disappointment in the World Cup.


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29 thoughts on “Maradona: "I saw Messi crying like a 5-year-old child" | Oh My Goal

  1. Oh My Goalers, do you think Messi will ever taste major international glory with Argentina?

  2. Maradona just stated the facts….Messi being reserved by nature and having no leadership qualities, is put under a huge pressure by his own people and team……. Argentina's people see Messi as someone godly who can bring the title…and thus they are expecting too much from him.
    Same goes from the team…there are like " we have got Messi!!…we have to somehow pass the ball to him and our role is over!"

  3. Oh my Goal is Ronaldo fan. And every Donaldo fan is jealous of Messi. You don't have to spread your jealousy oh my goal, just go give your burning jealous ass some cool water Haters. You never disrespect Ronaldo but praise him always, But it's the opposite when it comes to Messi. Fuck oh my goal.

  4. Argentina have a great front 3, Di Maria, Aguero, and Messi. But because of a petty argument between the manager and aguero, aguero wasn’t played in 2018 against France, which probably cost them the game (as well as rojo being one of the most pathetic defenders I’ve ever seen). So I blame this on the manager, because Argentina would’ve definitely beat croatia

  5. if CR7 played for them they would of already won 3 world cups 🔥🔥🔥 having a leader like him they would of won everything 🔥

  6. Its actually true argentina put way too much pressure on him if they win its messi if they lose its messi.

  7. The problem is not with Messi but with the team
    Only attackers are good no midfeilders and no defenders

  8. Maradona is a slob, The dude is a coke head and he thinks he has a right to talk about Messi. Messi has done everything possible for the Argentinian national team and they need to remember there’s 11 player on the pitch not just one, when Maradona win the World Cup he had world class players on his side as well let’s not forget as well the “hand of god”

  9. Worthy heir of Maradona's throne? Ahahahah, Maradona lost that throne when he was suspended from fifa and started snoring crack in his backyard with his buddies. Come on, we all know Messi got that throne since he made his first goal for FC Barcelona 🤣

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