Minecraft Skyblock BIGGEST SUGAR CANE FARM in the pack? (Cosmic Sky #9)

Minecraft *NEW* Skyblock with THE PACK (Cosmic Sky #9) #sponsored
Join Bajan Canadian on this fresh adventure – Playing with PrestonPlayz, Vikkstar123, JeromeASF, PeteZahHutt, and Woofless!

IP: cosmicsky.com

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36 thoughts on “Minecraft Skyblock BIGGEST SUGAR CANE FARM in the pack? (Cosmic Sky #9)

  1. Mitch, Brandon (PeteZahHutt) has a HUGE sugar cane farm. It has levels/floors right now, but the building has room for 9 levels/floors.

  2. Banana, you may not see this but I will stick by you forever as that’s what you did for me and all the fans, you helped me through a lot.

  3. Haven’t watched any of your videos in years, and I came back to see how you’re doing. It may be hard to believe, but you were part of many people’s childhood, and have left an impact on all of us. Continue to be the best YouTuber you can be, love you man.

  4. Can u make a return on benja tbh that was my favourite channel, the videos were always funny and would make my day. I have been a supporter for about 4 yrs and i was sad when u stopped uploading but i kept being a sub.

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