Netflix star and wrestler Hana Kimura died after ingesting hydrogen sulfide poisoning

Netflix star and wrestler Hana Kimura died

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Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020 star and wrestler, Hana Kimura’s fans continue to mourn her shocking death Sunday, following the revelations that she died after reportedly ingesting hydrogen sulfide. Kimura was found dead in the Koto ward of Tokyo Friday and was 22 years old. She was reportedly targeted by cyberbullies and published several concerning messages on social media before her death.

The Japanese news outlet Sponichi Annex reported Kimura took her own life by ingesting hydrogen sulfide. Police have not made more details public out of respect for her family, notes EWrestling News. WWE wrestler Kairi Sane revealed on Twitter she saw Kimura’s disturbing social media posts before those in Japan, who were asleep at the time. She called other wrestlers with her concerns, but they did not reach Kimura in time.

Before her death, Kimura was reportedly targeted by intense cyberbullying due to a controversial moment on Terrace House. During a scene filmed in January, a male housemate washed his clothing with Kimura’s outfit for a Tokyo Dome show and ruined it. Kimura lost her temper and hit a hat off her co-star’s head. Since the show went on a hiatus in April due to the coronavirus pandemic, fans spent their time by sending her hateful messages.
The wrestler and Netflix star had more than 59,000 followers on her Twitter account, and she was admired by fans across the world.

In August 2016, Kimura wrestled against her mother Kyoko Kimura in a match, and a month later she won her first title, the JWP Junior Championship, by defeating Yako Fujigasaki in a tournament final.
She had a short acting career which spanned from 2017 until she died, having featured on Tokyo Talk Show, Terrace House Tokyo, and Lost Decade.

One of her last big wrestling matches was in January 2020, when she fought alongside Giulia at the Wrestle Kingdom 14.

She and her wrestling partner took on Mayu Iwatani and Arisa Hoshiki at the New Japan Pro-Wrestling match in Tokyo Dome.

The star had followed the same dream as her mother and fans have sent their condolences to her mum on Twitter.
One fan said: “All of our love to Kyoko Kimura and the other members of Tokyo cyber squad and the rest of the Stardom roster and staff right now.”

She joined Stardom in March 2019 and was named leader of the faction ‘Tokyo Cyber Squad’ in April.

Kimura then went on to join Terrace House

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24 thoughts on “Netflix star and wrestler Hana Kimura died after ingesting hydrogen sulfide poisoning

  1. Ignore cybrbullies it's just words don't read bad messages . Have a strong mind don't show that your weak

  2. This goes to show that people are vile and disgusting. It was a TV show. "Reality TV" us a joke. 80% is scripted to provide drama. Now a young woman is dead because "people" felt the need to show how STUPID they were. This is pathetic. The people who did this are just sad and weak fools.

  3. I was bullied on social media by others i dont even know.its kinda frustrating and annoyinh…RIP Hana Kimura

  4. Where exactly do you get hydrogen sulphide to commit suicide with? Even though its commonly created in nature this isn't just an every day item you can buy at the store..

  5. Wtf is wrong with ppl now why are ppl cyber bullying they are not going to like it if other ppl cyber/bully them are they this is just sick no one deserves this kinda stuff

  6. I hope karma comes to those involved. An eye for an eye. Provoking others should be illegal this is ridiculous.

  7. Damn! I wish I knew about hydrogen sulfide! I could have used it to kill MYSELF when I was 22! Why is everybody jumping to the conclusion that she committed suicide because she was the victim of cyberbullying? Unless she left a suicide note, nobody knows why she offed herself! And why does the sexist media make it sound like she was cyberbullied just because she was female? What?! No male has ever been cyberbullied? That's ridiculous! I never even heard of her! She couldn't have been that big of a star!

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