New Cristiano Ronaldo Twins ★ Ronaldinho/Messi/Neymar Skills

New Cristiano Ronaldo Twins – Ronaldinho/Messi/Neymar Skills
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40 thoughts on “New Cristiano Ronaldo Twins ★ Ronaldinho/Messi/Neymar Skills

  1. The only reason why your channel isn't super popular is that you don't know how to organize your videos in playlists. You have not added all tutorial videos in tutorial playlist and in freestyling playlist you have added finishing and dribbling skills! Seriously dudes, organize your skill tutorial videos or no one will give a damn about your channel! :-/

  2. This came out 5 years ago… I had barely begun playing football for a year when I first saw this video. I couldn’t even juggle a ball so when I saw this I thought to myself “that’s impossible, how do they do that?!” Now I can easily do everything that’s in this video😅

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