NEW – Facebook Launches Facebook Shops – Sell Products Directly on Facebook

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SupaColor Heat Transfers

Equipment for T-Shirt Biz (Affiliate)

Graphtec Cutter

Cameo Cutter + Heat Press

Cameo Cutter

Budget Heat Press

Heat Presses I Use:

Hotronix Heat Press

Geo Knight Swing Away Press

Geo Knight Auto Open


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Elements By Envato


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24 thoughts on “NEW – Facebook Launches Facebook Shops – Sell Products Directly on Facebook

  1. do you really need a register for tax number? Is it free to have a shop account and how much there fee when making a sell? I don’t want to use esty because it doesn’t link to instagram .

  2. Great content! Do you make sponsored videos? Please consider the proposal sent to your e-mail (please check also a spam folder). Have a nice day!

  3. Hey bro, awesome post. Indeed, the difference before with Facebook Marketplace and Instagram shops was the fact that you couldn't checkout on Facebook. You would have to use a third-party like Shopify to checkout.

  4. Yep. This was already around. I would imagine it wasn't receiving the attention and support before COVID….. but with the HUGE increase in online commerce over the past few months, Facebook is putting the expected attention on this cool product. Good intro video. Looking forward to seeing if you come back with any additional information once you get things rolling. THANKS!

  5. Your son is adorable. But yeah I’m confused bc I already have my FB shop and catalog set up on my business page. Waiting to see if those customizations he mentioned kicks in soon but so far everything looks the same.

  6. Its only in the US for now. Use to be able to add products if you are from outside the US, now you cant. Will just have to wait for it to hit the UK.

  7. Bro! Tell me about it! This is why I have to record my videos at 10pm outside in the damn shed I have two kiddos! Youngest one stole my studio/man cave lol. Facebook shops looks interesting though can't wait to find out more! I wonder what those merchant fees are gonna look like though?

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