Ori and the Blind Forest DE | 100% SPEEDRUN | 1:06:58 *WR*

Not a very good run. Pretty much every section can be a lot cleaner.

Category rules:
– Complete the game with 100% collection, defined by the game as full map completion and all cells and pickups, as well as all skills and world events.

Rules for all categories:
– Timing starts on file creation and ends on losing control of Naru after the final escape.
– Unless otherwise specified, difficulty must be set to Normal for the entire run.
– Make sure your game isn’t running faster than it should be. If the refresh rate of your monitor is not 60Hz, VSync must be off. To verify this, contact us on Discord

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Nguồn: https://wiksource.org

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37 thoughts on “Ori and the Blind Forest DE | 100% SPEEDRUN | 1:06:58 *WR*

  1. Unbelievable…..Never have I been so fascinated , confused, in awe, and jealous all at the same time as I was watching this. That secret path and speed skill was simply amazing!! 👀👍👏

  2. Mate if this was half as much fun to execute as it was to watch you must have had a total BLAST! Just incredible stuff!

  3. Holy crap, I apparently missed an entire ability while playing this game. I never had a dash… How the hell did I manage to do that? I was able to complete the game without it though…

  4. Wow! Ver impressive dude! I just finished this game today and it took me around 11.5 hours. 😂 Totally incomparable to your performance but of course it was my first time. I’m curious just how much time you’ve put into practicing this.

  5. It seemed to me, or are you not accelerating under water ("A" key)? Your playing style is reminiscent of pinball =) Very nice!

  6. Bae: Ori, come over.
    Ori: I can't, the forest is blind and I gotta save it.
    Bae: My parents aren't home…

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