Ori and the Blind Forest Let's Play: Tragedy Strikes – PART 1 – TenMoreMinutes

Ori and the Blind Forest Let’s Play: Tragedy Strikes – PART 1 – TenMoreMinutes

Chris and Sam are tasked with saving the forest after tragedy strikes their foster mother Naru. Who wrote this? Disney!?

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Lets Play Ori and the Blind Forest!
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Ori and the Blind Forest is a platform-adventure Metroidvania video game developed by Moon Studios and published by Microsoft Studios. The game was released for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One on March 11, 2015. In the game, players assume control of Ori, a white guardian spirit, and Sein, the “light and eyes” of the Forest’s Spirit Tree. To progress in the game, players are tasked to move between platforms and solve puzzles. The game features a system called “soul links”, which allows players to save at will, and an upgrade system that gives players the ability to strengthen Ori’s skills.

The game was developed by Moon Studios. The game was acquired by Microsoft Studios a year after the beginning of the game’s development. The game story was inspired by The Lion King and The Iron Giant, while some of the gameplay elements were inspired by the Rayman and Metroid franchises.

Upon release, the game received critical acclaim, with players praising the game’s gameplay, art style, story, action sequences, musical score, and environmental design. Moon Studios co-founder Gennadiy Korol said the game was profitable for the company within a few weeks after its initial launch. A Definitive Edition was released in 2016. A sequel, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, was announced during Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017.

The forest of Nibel is dying. After a powerful storm sets a series of devastating events in motion, an unlikely hero must journey to find his courage and confront a dark nemesis to save his home. “Ori and the Blind Forest” tells the tale of a young orphan destined for heroics, through a visually stunning action-platformer crafted by Moon Studios for PC. Featuring hand-painted artwork, meticulously animated character performance, and a fully orchestrated score, “Ori and the Blind Forest” explores a deeply emotional story about love and sacrifice, and the hope that exists in us all.

Ori and the Blind Forest is a 2D platform game. The player controls Ori, a white guardian spirit of indeterminate gender, and Sein, who is the light and eyes of the Spirit Tree. Ori can jump, climb, and use other abilities to navigate. Sein can shoot Spirit Flames to combat enemies or break obstacles. Ori is required to interact with their environment as they jump from platforms and solve puzzles. Ori is faced with enemies while making their way to restoring the forest. The player helps Ori collect health shards, energy shards, new abilities, and upgrades. The game world unfolds to the player in the fashion of a Metroidvania, with new abilities allowing the player to access previously inaccessible areas.

In addition to save points scattered in the game, players can create “soul links” at any time they choose to serve as checkpoints. However, soul links can only be created using energy cells collected during gameplay; the needed energy is not in abundant supply, forcing players to create them only when necessary. The player can gain ability points to buy various perks and upgrades, such as increasing the damage of Sein’s Spirit Flame. These upgrades can be bought anywhere a soul link has been created and if the player has enough ability points to buy the skill they desire. An ability point is gained when Ori collects enough experience by killing enemies and destroying various plants. Each skill must be bought in sequential order from one of three ability trees to allow the next, more expensive skill to be accessible.

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25 thoughts on “Ori and the Blind Forest Let's Play: Tragedy Strikes – PART 1 – TenMoreMinutes

  1. Oh, fancy finding you guys here! Don't mind me, just getting a head start on another one of your series as I approach the end of the Hollow Knight one. And you can't stop me! 😎

  2. Gotta admit, half the time Ori's long ears do look like wings sprouting from the back. You guys weren't playing by keyboard? Unlike Mario, Ori doesn't have any acceleration from full stop to full run, his movement speed is mapped directly to the analog stick so if you are playing via D-pad (or keyboard) you are ALWAYS running full tilt.
    (Aside: on PC, there's an option to specifically customize whether onscreen prompts are phrased relative to keyboard, mouse, or gamepad)

  3. Oh my goodness, I love this game! It's been a while since I first watched.. Jacksepticeye play it, I believe. I was so attached to this game, but I drifted away. Now coming back and seeing that you guys are playing this, it makes me so happy!

  4. Hmm weird, for some reason youtube only gave me the notification of this upload today, and part 2 of this playthrough 30 mins ago.
    Good game though I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did!

  5. I believe the character models are 3D models that has been pre-rendered into 2D sprites and then light and shadow mapped..
    Also yes, they have an orchestra. Gareth Coker composed the music and he did an unbelievable job, it's one of the greatest soundtracks out there imo!

  6. Yeeeeee! So excited to see you started this playthrough! I loved playing this game and actually know it pretty much inside out XP I completed it %100 without dying and that took months but I finished it a few months back. Anyways, looking forward to the rest and hope ya'll have fun! I'll be watching the next episodes

  7. I waited to watch this one until I got home. And it starts the game with a death? That sucks. I've been wanting Nintendo to come out with this game. No luck so far.

    It's really a pretty game. I'm going to enjoy watching you play through this one. I will be playing vicariously through you. Looking forward to next time.

  8. This game was a little short for me coming off Hollow Knight, but was still worth playing. Also, I haven’t really been watching for a while, so sorry. Like the new (to me) intro.

    Also Chris, speaking of Hollow Knight, have you given up on trying to beat the Pantheon of Hollow Nest, or are you occasionally still going at it? I haven’t seen any new Hollow Knight episode, so I don’t know.

  9. My face lit up when I saw this. YES!! I’ve been hoping for this since you played Hollow Knight! Just so you know, I think you’re the first to LP the Definitive Edition. I’ve yet to see someone else’s reaction to the new area! 😀

  10. Nice! Love this game, I did a no upgrade run last time I was in it. They have 2 different deathless run achivements that broke me.

    Pretty game, great music, and a tight metrovania with in game mechanics for completionists, and I like how it felt, very much looking forward to the sequel. This will be a great way to refresh my memory.

  11. Took me a good while before I played this game myself, it's pretty enjoyable once you get into it.

    I never was a big fan of how floaty the controls felt in the game though but you get used to it.

  12. I found the channel through hollow knight, and I heard this game's story is good too. Love the channel and looking forward to this play-through as well.

  13. Yesss! Its here! I had played this game almost all the way through but I stopped playing then when we voted gor this I buckled down and beat the game that day. I'm super excited to see how you guys like it and in looking forward to ori 2!

  14. i love this game he have sad storys but in the end everthing go well i think there a multiplayer local mod being made for the game

  15. I love this game sooooo much!!
    But you should know, do NOT be stingy with your soul links!!! You can, and WILL die at any moment, so use soul links alot ( haveing the re-use soul link ability helps with that, so you don't HAVE to use energy EVERY time you save your game!)

  16. Ori is my 3rd fav indie game under Celeste and hollow knight and I hope you play ori and the will of the wisps when it comes out!!
    EDIT: you should probably not talk over the cutscenes in this game but I won’t tell you what you should or shouldn’t do you just do what you think is right
    EDIT 2: I just want to say this here because I have nowhere to brag about it but I just beat the pantheon of hollownest yesterday and I used thorns of agony quick slash quick focus and deep focus to win it is super efficient and makes all the bosses easy because you just have to learn when to heal and then easy win and mark of pride or longnail are not in anyway mandatory

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