ORI AND THE SAD FOREST – Live Plays – Ori and the Blind Forest – Full Playthrough

For this livestream, we help Ori reclaim the light of the Blind Forest and save his friends in a game that’s both beautifully sad and incredibly unforgiving, Ori and the Blind Forest! Nico appears at 4:02. Gameplay starts at 25:10.

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Original Stream Date : February 15, 2020

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GAME: Ori and the Blind Forest
AUTHOR: Moon Studios


Ori and the Blind Forest is a platform-adventure Metroidvania video game developed by Moon Studios and published by Microsoft Studios. The game was released for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows on March 11, 2015 and was released for Nintendo Switch on September 27, 2019. In the game, players assume control of Ori, a small white guardian spirit, and Sein, the “light and eyes” of the Forest’s Spirit Tree. To progress in the game, players are tasked to move between platforms and solve puzzles. The game features a save system called “Soul Links”, which allows players to save their progress at will with limited resources, and an upgrade system that gives players the ability to strengthen Ori’s skills.

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49 thoughts on “ORI AND THE SAD FOREST – Live Plays – Ori and the Blind Forest – Full Playthrough

  1. This was one of the most beautiful, tear jerking, and rage inducing games I've ever played.
    Time Stamps: Nico appears at 4:02. Gameplay starts at 25:10.

  2. I played the demo and loved it. The prologue actually made me cry a little bit… the prologue!
    Definitely considering getting the game for myself!

  3. ffs nico, you are whining about every challenge the game threw at you, but not only this game, but fire emblem and kh3 too!
    dude you better stick with narrative games and turn based rpgs.

  4. Major thank you to NicoB for this amazing playthrough! I just beat the game myself (with 100% map completion!) and this helped me immensely when I got stuck, which was a lot. Thank you for all of your hard work, Nico.

  5. while I don't think the ice palace is the best part, I think you judged it way to harshly, possibly by being burned out from having been playing for such an extended time. There where some parts that are trial and error there, but it's also a bit weird saying that, after you saw the rock going up that it wouldn't be assumed that it would come down again so being prepared to avoid it

  6. 5:05:09 aww, just realizing how there was a family statue of Naru, her dad, and her mother,

    She's the spitting image of her Mama. 😊

  7. It's good that you decided to do this in one Livestream, even though it took a lot out of you that night. 😅

    At least you'll be prepared for the sequel next month; and maybe m a key it an official Livestream game to celebrate it's release, as opposed to a vote option.

  8. I assume the reason Gumo was so obsessed with that orb of light was to help his kind with their situation.

    But seeing the tragic fate of his brethren in the time he was gone, he realized that the orbs of light had lost their original purpose.

    And so to atone for his earlier antics that endangered Ori and Seins, he figured the least he could do was use it for something that could help them.

    Although you would think he'd give it to one of his own, I'm guessing their circumstances wouldn't make it possible; plus the fact he'd only be able to bring back one of them.

  9. Okay the forlorn temple escape thing where the stuff falls you it clearly tells you it's a theme so It's not that trial an error if you think about it nico. it might've been annoying but applying abit of patience in that is all it needs :y The most annoying part of the game for me is to remember saving xD

  10. I feel nico is quick to rage I dunno maybe it's the 1 sitting thing :y (Ahh he apologized at the end even if him getting pissed off was slightly reasonable :P)

  11. After the latest update to FE3H the loading times are much faster! It only takes a few seconds to load now whereas in the past it felt like forever.

  12. I'm not actually asking you to do this, but think how cool it would be if you edited this so it appeared as if you beat the whole thing in a single try. I think that would seem amazing. Still you are a mad lad. Thanks for keeping at it.

  13. um for Celeste, you actually had still quite a way to go. 2 large levels to finish the campaign and 4 to finish the whole game ( beside B and C sides ). It's a game with some truly unforgettable moments. I really think you should try to finish it!

  14. I've actually been wanting to see you play this. it's honestly a beautiful game the same goes for hollow knight.

  15. 5:51– Thank you @NicoB for replying to my comment!
    8:34– Thank you again!
    11:55– Thanks again!
    15:50– I’m so happy that you’re aware of it! I was worried that you wouldn’t get the endings you wanted

  16. Nico:…? … Welp, cant go there, better come back later.
    Boulder use in the puzzle: :Judge him silently:…

  17. Man! I love this channel so much. It feels so much like a family, and not just like some random guy. I can’t explain it. It’s been years that ive been following you, Nico.
    Simply because you are amazing and fun!

  18. New stream record! Beats the Spiderman finale stream by 5 mins! Only a matter of time for Nico to do a 24 hour stream.

  19. Maaan, started watching at 3 am in Germany slept at 4 and I woke up at 12 with him still playing kkkk. Must say it is lovely to wake up by the sound of his raging voice

  20. Over ten hours!? The F- I know I shouldn't be surprised anymore after the Spiderman stream, but it's still crazy. The sun would have risen by the time the stream was over.

  21. Can't wait to refer to this video when I get around to playing this game and inevitably become stuck.

  22. I never saw Ori, so this can be a great place to watch it!
    Also, while I know that brutal legend didn't win, I really hope that you maybe try it out on your own time Nico. It's, really, really god damn funny. It's basically a jack black issekai, with a metal theme. The gameplay can change from open world hack and slash to an rts mix, but I think if you enjoyed the wackiness that was metal gear rising, I think you'll like it, if you ever want to try it out in the future.

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