Overwatch Storm Rising Gameplay – Overwatch Archives Event 2019

Gameplay from Overwatch: Storm Rising! Playing as Tracer. Overwatch Storm Rising is a new story mission that is part of the Overwatch Archives event that happens every April, along with the Retribution and Uprising missions. In the mission, Tracer, Winston, Genji and Mercy head to Havana, Cuba to capture Maximilien, an Omnic member of Talon.

This is from Normal Mode, so it was pretty easy. Fun though! I recommend giving it a try!

From Overwatch on the PC. The game is also on Xbox One and PS4!

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31 thoughts on “Overwatch Storm Rising Gameplay – Overwatch Archives Event 2019

  1. I have to wait til Friday to play this cuz my internet cable got run over by a lawn mower…. I am outraged

  2. it would be nice to see other concepts instead of:

    “fight soldiers and specials in hopes to survive until the end, but also deal with teammates who try and be the hero”

    type game modes.

  3. do you think they’ll ever do this event again? i missed out because i didn’t have overwatch at the time rip

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