And they said FIFA 14 would be good smh.

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37 thoughts on “PLAYING FIFA 14 CAREER MODE

  1. FIFA14, where everything in Career Mode, Player and Manager, was starting to go down and stale.

  2. That was the last version I played… last game: Chelsea-Arsenal. 67 billion shots from Chelsea (by me), and 2 shots by Arsenal…and the Result is 0:2 !!! ….I almost cried, than I played another match with some korean club..same story., BUT ! I was get so angry, so I hit my laptop, so the all of the processors and the other important stuff has broken… Thank you FIFA 🙂

  3. Awful Fifa game !!! Fifa 13 looks even better with moddingway mods !!! FIFA 16 IS MOST BEAUTIFUL FIFA GAME YET !!!! What is killing gameplay in Fifa games trough years is too bad ball physics , stupid giant scoreboard with annoying popup stats informations , stupid goal celebrations !!!!!

  4. Idk what all the bitching is on about this game was the last time fifa was amazing tbh

  5. Ah. ADNAN JANUZAJ . Inject it in my veins. I remember making this man a united legend by 2021 in this game.

  6. 2014: Mikel Arteta playing for Arsenal

    2020: Mikel Arteta managing Arsenal

    Coronavirus in 2020: HI MIKEL!!

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