Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Official Trailer

E3 2012: The Pro Evolution Soccer franchise is back with even more features than last year.

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47 thoughts on “Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Official Trailer

  1. i always loved PES. Went off it a couple of years ago, but i wouldn't shit on it like some people do. Both are solid games in their own right

  2. thats why FIFA is played more , sold more and generally the better football experience.I play both games and I dont consider myself a fanboy of any of the 2 but for me FIFA is better.I kind of only play PES because of the great become a legend mode.

  3. The only difference between both games is the action that O and X buttons perform, and you can change that in settings.

  4. Fifa, PES, it's all the same for me …. When ever I gather with my friends, it's sheer fun …. Rly, those are 2 player console games, which are most to be played between friends … And by arguing about which is better, u rly miss the point 🙂

  5. really ? It looks even more pointless than Fifa 13 trailer, i mean Fifa 13 trailer was a waste of time this trailer looks like some amateur goal compilation video on youtube !

  6. Both are shitty games, why? Well, it is simple, they are made to milk money from you for the same shitty game they made last year!

  7. Fifa is better!
    PES is better!
    well, guess what? they're both the same old recycled shit every single year with a few tweaks here & there. the question is which one is "better" at making a fool out of you to waste $60! LOL!

  8. Okay,guys I am neither a FIFA fan nore a PES fan and every year I buy the best game,Honestly,I play fifa since fifa 10 and pro evolution since pes 4.The last PES I bought was Pes 2009 and since then I am buying fifa.Guys there is no argue that FIFA is better than PES.There may be some people that prefer PES style of play but the best footbal simulator is FIFA and that is not gonna change guys,sorry….

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