PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER – 2016! Gameplay (Demo)

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28 thoughts on “PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER – 2016! Gameplay (Demo)

  1. could not have said it any better the game is brilliant fun really mean that I played the demo and loved it but am the same as nepo nothing close to ultimate team and that's sad because I have played the Fifa 16 demo as well and for me PES is better in every way but the ultimate team is just to big a draw if PES got something as good as that I would change games in a minute

  2. played pes today, and as a long time fifa fan i have to say the gameplay was far superior and scoring goals, including the buildup, felt way more satisfying than fifa. As a head to head game against mates it wins, but of course ultimate team is pretty much unbeatable at its current stage of development. It would take too much money, and some kind of master stroke from konami, for pes to rival FUT online.

  3. I was really looking forward to this but unfortunately it feels identical to last years Pes. It's just boring yes real football matches can sometimes be boring and like watching paint dry ( most England games ) I don't want this in a game I want excitement. I hate Ea but it looks as though it's another £45 for them this year. No making my opponent watch the replay, no shhh celebration, No trading, no selling contracts for 4999 to idiots, no fun.

  4. I'm pretty sure that in FIFA 10 if u had a player in their non original position their ratings go do but then they took that away

  5. I respect your pros and cons, because I feel everyone's entitled to their opinions, but your information on crosses is wrong. You just gotta get used to it. I've scored plenty of them against my friends in the demo 🙂

  6. gk are shit, they give their back when the ball comes to the goal, look at neymar's goal, pes always has problems with gk

  7. I disagree.. I think the crossing and heading in this game is OP… I've scored so many headers and have had them scored against me.

  8. My club was sick last year and by get good players unlike Fifa just take your money and give u shit unless your a YouTuber

  9. I actually like the power bars in this game. It's definitely possible to play good crosses, just harder than in Fifa. I find it pretty easy to hit a proper cross nearly every time, plus it means you can do them much more quickly i.e a quick jabbed cross or a rabona to make the most of a snap chance. Just practice man, rather than complaining lol.

  10. I would so buy this game if there was something like ultimate team. But can someone tell me if there is a career mode?

  11. Fifa is better than pes and always will be. I downloaded the pes 16 demo and as soon as I kicked off I quit because it was awful. Fuck you konami.

  12. If PES can incorporate some better player animations to fit the slick gameplay then it could end up being a better game than FIFA

  13. This looks like shit, like fifa 09 or something… They run like robots lmao! Sad to say this, but EA is way ahead imo

  14. I like the crossing/cornerns you probably just have get used to it. The crossing might be a bit OP but it is just a demo.. And did you/he mean MyClub when he said my player? But anyways.. it has been talked about a transfer market if that would help you change your perspective on the PES franchise. Keep up the good work!

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