How far can you kick a football? In this video, I kick some field goals! I didn’t beat my personal best of 63 yards, but I came close. Subscribe to the channel and let’s be friends.

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  1. Good kicking but guy is full of himself, shaping his hair after each shot!!! But great scoring on his right foot

  2. "I can't believe it's not butter". That's who you look like nigga! Lol. Dope video tho. Gave it a thumbs up and subscribed. Peace Fabio!

  3. Why didn't this video go viral like Carli Lloyds? And why would an NFL team want a great 37 year old soccer player when there's literally hundreds, if not thousands, of male soccer players who can kick 60, 65, and 70 yard field goals with ease? Oh yeah, it's because she's a woman, and today all the media/western world does is pander to women and perceived "minorities" rather than giving the job or the spotlight or whatever to whomever is actually the best.

  4. Literally British blokes who just grew up playing football (soccer) without being anywhere near pro level could do this lol

  5. Just get a players from Tottenham they would all make it since they cant score goal for crap lol

  6. Ask the Gramatica brothers, one of them Won a Super Bowl, several professional soccer players had being ask to be kickers in NFL, non of them would accept, Roberto Carlos would kick the ball out of the stadium, and Messi would touch the goal bar from the inside if you ask him to do that

  7. I’m 16 I’m a junior in high school, soccer is literally my life. I went out to kick the football I can go 60+ yards it’s nothing. These football players don’t even know how to kick they don’t know the amount of power we got lmaoo

  8. Hey Pat, Awesome video! I'm a kiwi Soccer player just learning about NFL kicking. I tried to make 60 yards with both feet:

  9. That was some good kids you could join me football crew also if you don't know this is Nicholas

  10. I wasn't joking when I mentioned this last year! I know a good kicker , did coach a few years! Go left and go right and also have some aggression coming towards you and see how you react with the pressure of someone in your face while kicking! I do know that soccer players are great kickers ! Good luck!

  11. Dang son! 60 Yards!!!!! I can't kick a football anywhere near as far as you :0 But I can teach you how to kick your investing portfolio up a notch 😉

  12. nice kicking!! Always suspected football players would be good at kicking American footballs….

    You got any favourite football clubs?

    (yeah i am not about to start calling football, soccer)

  13. If anyone personally knows the Miami Dolphins coach, please be so kind and send us those digits. Thanks in advance!

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