Ronaldo Phenomenon Amazing Skills – Show ● Real Madrid 2002 – 2007

The best skills, speed, technique & goals by the Brazilian Legend Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima (Il Fenomeno) during his Real Madrid career (2002 – 2007)

Music: 1) 2) 3)

“Ronaldo is regarded by many in the sport as one of the greatest and most complete forwards of all time. Dubbed Il Fenomeno (the phenomenon), he was a prolific goalscorer, and despite being more of an individualistic attacker, he was also capable of providing assists for his teammates, due to his vision, passing and crossing ability. He was an extremely powerful, fast, and technical player, as well as a composed finisher. He was capable of playing in several offensive positions, although his preferred role was as a striker, and he was able to use both feet, despite being naturally right footed. Ronaldo was highly regarded for his technical ability, and he is considered one of the most skillful individual dribblers in the football history.” – style of play due to Wikipedia.


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34 thoughts on “Ronaldo Phenomenon Amazing Skills – Show ● Real Madrid 2002 – 2007

  1. Ojalá que salga alguien parecido a él urge de verdad el futbol se va volver aburrido, otro igual lo dudo …grande roni el fenómeno .legendario ronaldo

  2. Ecstasy starts at 08:47 if you are lookin for. Soft touch pass, reversed backhell, multiple step-over, single step-over dribble, scoring under legs of goalkeeper + enchanting music.
    I have to come back here periodically and comment everytime ahahahah. Ronaldo is simply too much. That soft touch-pass…aaaaaaaw

  3. O Maior e Melhor Jogador da História do Futebol.

  4. Ronaldo is a great player. He has great technique, very good speed. Amazing dribbler. On of the best ever

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