SKT vs SSG Final Game 3 | Grand-final Lol World Championship 2017 | SK Telecom T1 v Samsung Galaxy

SK Telecom T1 vs Samsung Galaxy worlds Final Game 3 | Grand-finals League World Championship 2017 Grand Final | SKT vs SSG G3
League of Legends World Championship 2017 Final Bo5 Game 3 – LoL S7 Worlds 2017 Grand Finals

Worlds 2017 Main Event Full individual games playlist

Worlds 2017 Main Event Full Day Vods playlist:

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37 thoughts on “SKT vs SSG Final Game 3 | Grand-final Lol World Championship 2017 | SK Telecom T1 v Samsung Galaxy

  1. who is this Koreasn translator related to in the Riot upper management that he's still in this position when he's utter trash? his translations are total garbage most of the time…

  2. Faker really played like ass this game. Takes a troll pick. Overextends without vision. Facechecks. Gets in Malz Flash range on a game deciding fight.

  3. Faker fighting! !! S4 wasn't successful as well, but you guys cameback well at S5 S6!!
    Congrads to SSG! Hopefully people will remember them this time. But i still don't like they will be a legend like SKT.. ..not much people actually remember Samsung Galaxy White won S4 champion.
    Hopefully next year SKT and SSG can give some good battles again!! 😀

  4. 0 correct pick 'ems this worlds.

    Congratulations to Samsung, I think it's safe to say not that many people saw this coming.

  5. IMO this was the weakest worlds yet. None of the teams looked very strong and group stage really reflected that.

  6. Longzhu, fnc, c9 team we and especially misfits and rng died for this, today mankind defeated the harrasing robots of skt….
    They wont come back: a new timeperk has come where teams as ssg tsm c9 and misfits will rise. HAIL TO SSG

  7. I'm very happy for SSG but damn at the end you can just tell how high of a standard faker holds himself to. Anything but a win is complete and utter failure to him, that's what makes him the GOAT

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