Spirit Guard Udyr Skin Spotlight League of Legends

Note: This Video Includes the updated Recall and Death Animation
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League of Legends Spirit Guard Udyr Skin.

Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Udyr on his Spirit Guard Skin.

All footage was taken in game.

Skin Notes:
Urf appears on all stance jokes.

Max Stance Dance will show all the stance creatures where any other level while in that stance will only show its respected stance related creature.

Capture Point animation is the same across all the models.

Skin also has VO Clips for when clearing Golems and killing Baron, Vilemaw etc.

Skin has a special effect on enemy minions/champions when you kill them for each stance (Colour of the effect corresponds with the stance)

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22 thoughts on “Spirit Guard Udyr Skin Spotlight League of Legends

  1. Riot is basically selling Udyr's visual update for 30$
    "So you don't wanna play as some homeless dude with dorito hands? Well, you could always buy yourself this pretty neat skin!"

  2. Got this today in a True Damage orb plus a gemstone… what a great way to end this worlds event!

  3. Im here after watching udyr dragon oracle skin and imo this shhould be his default skin his VU..not a ultimate skin …

  4. Just came here from IWD video where he said how bad the original Spirit guard Udyr skin was… I see what he means now lmao

  5. back then lol wasnt so popular so thats why they only made a skin of a good looking udyr, honestly thats a smart move but right now this skin doesnt cost shiet

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