STAR WARS in Vanilla Minecraft | ONLY ONE COMMAND BLOCK (1.9)

This video explains how to go to the Star Wars Universe in Minecraft 1.9. (Sorry for the bad quality)
Enjoy !

The command :
The ressource pack :

My Website :

Music :
Star Wars theme – John Williams
General Grievous – John Williams
Grinding Clash – Q-Factory
Dark Force Rising – Sonic Symphony
ABBA’s “Gimme ! gimme ! gimme !” remix – ItsLoiro

I’m not the creator of the musics I’ve used. All rights belong to their respective owners. This video is purely fan-made, it’s done for entertainment purposes only.


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45 thoughts on “STAR WARS in Vanilla Minecraft | ONLY ONE COMMAND BLOCK (1.9)

  1. Ahh…Sorry For Long Comment.I Tried To Comment Long Long Ago…I Like Your Videos So Much…..Can You Be My Teacher…………….I Am Begging………You…………Please…..Make A Video……….And……How To Make Your Own Machine…….Like…..IJAMinecraft

  2. May I make a request? Could you create a 1.13 data pack for this, this time with force lightning if you sneak and right click with the force in your off hand

  3. am i the only one or other people saw it to when night fang used force the stormtroopers arrows stopped when it reached him (2:57) #usetheforce

  4. i can't download the recorece pack even though i followed every step exept to delete the thing because i can't

  5. Okay, so this is for those who want to know how to get this in 1.11.2 or higher.
    Create a 1.9 world
    Paste in the command
    Come back into the world in 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.12

  6. 1:26 "have gonna got a big problem" xDDD j'était mort
    et aussi ! 🙂
    Pin Pin Pin Pen Pin Pin Pan Pèpin poom pip bip titulu toute tilu ♫♩g xD tellement classe
    il manque plus que Kylo Ren si tu trouve pas la tête va sur se site : ren
    et c'est le 3ième lien voile.

  7. For some reason I cant hear the sounds of the opening light saber or the blaster. And when i try to summon the storm troopers or Darth Vader It doesnt work either… I did a command to remove my scoreboards, what i did was this: /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar I found it on the internet telling me that it will remove all scoreboards. Please help! I really enjoy this command and would like to use it. Help! Thanks

  8. doesent work as in it takes me to the same place as the command and for me it shows a picture of you fighting vader

  9. 1 last thing i dont know how to work the resource pack can you leave a link?
    the one under the video the one under the video doesent work. by the way i love the role play!

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