Straight people, what have you always wanted to ask the LGBT community?

Straight people of reddit, what questions do you have for the LGBTQ community?

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24 thoughts on “Straight people, what have you always wanted to ask the LGBT community?

  1. As a ace, The most annoying things I hear is stuff like:

    "Wait, So your a plant"

    "Lol, Who doesn't like sex."


    Like… bruh

  2. 2:48

    That comment (bete’s) is Way to relatable for me, like descriping how i feel Down to the last detail…

  3. 2:11 As a lesbian myself, I will say that scissoring is kinda a position. Like…every sex has a position. What mainly matters is if you and your partner are comfortable with the position. Scissoring CAN be a position for lesbians, but it’s not the only one as people think it is. If any of that makes sense???

  4. Honestly I don’t get why girls in the locker room cover up after another girl comes out as a lesbian. Like, have you never met a lesbian before?! First of all, we actually have standards, and also, we will do anything to respect other girls boundaries. Like, jeez, chill out, I don’t have a crush on you.

  5. The guy refering to straight people as 'breeders' had me rolling. It reminds me about how in like some movies and books, they have certain people who conceive children for their like, idk, clan or something. And in our case, hetero's are 'breeders' and gays are the normal everyday clan members.

  6. If anyone needs a safe YouTube space and is apart of the LGBTQ+ community. My channel is here 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  7. 8:13 It's called Seahorse because male seahorses are the ones that get pregnant not the female ones, if anyone was wondering.

  8. If your friend comes out to you, do not say "I'm fine with it as long as you don't try to make a move on me". That's like automatically assuming your straight friends of the opposite gender are going to try to hit on you. It's offensive.

  9. One time on Discord someone called me gay..
    I answered "Wrong I am Bi, please try again next time"
    I felt good about myself

  10. bi trans guy here :
    the language is a massive issue when cishets talk to lgbt folk about lgbt issues

    do not say 'preferred' gender when referring to a trans person. they do not PREFER that gender they ARE that gender

    do not refer to someone as transgendered or call them 'the trans kid' it makes them (i know i felt like this idk about others) feel like their whole personality is being trans and it sucks ass

    do not say "want to change "want to transition" etc. it's not a one WANTS to be put through the torture of being trans/lgbt.

    similar to the one above – do not say 'choose to be gay' 'choose to be trans' 'choose to be bi' etc. it's NOT a choice. if it was a choice everyone would be cishet. why would kids choose to be kicked out of their homes and be mistreated by their peers?

    do not refer to us as the q*eer community (goes to lgbt folk to) I personally find the term q*eer an offensive slur even when use not in a hateful way and i get offended when being called the q*eer community. it's like calling autistic people the retard community or black people the n word community.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just do general research on lgbt issues and understand our oppression and understand the meaning of sexualities so you don't misgender/mislabel/offend anyone.

  11. Im aro ace… I didn't see a lot of questions to us… Probanly cause we are a minority… Sooo… Here I am if any of yall is confused about something when it comes to our sexuality… 😊

  12. I hate when People say
    "what? Are you gay?"
    In a negative / humor way.

    And im like yup.
    And They always get a weird look.
    Im a girl.

    And also
    When it ell People im lesbian They always cover up in the lockeroom.

    And They say dont look.
    And They always think i like Them.

    But the truth is.
    I like Girls. Who like Girls.

  13. My question is how tf do people come up with hundreds of genders, like im fine with more than 2 but like 70+? Wtf ur just trying to bring ur fanfiction into reality

  14. I have a question for gender fluid people: Do you have disphoria? How does that work? When talking about you when you're not there which pronouns should I use? (wait this sounds like I'm talking about you behind your back, that's not what I mean-) I'm sorry, I'm really stupid when it comes to this topic lol

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