SVD Modding Guide & Tips – Escape from Tarkov (Patch 0.12.3)

Tips and tricks to make the most of your SVDS in Escape from Tarkov.

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21 thoughts on “SVD Modding Guide & Tips – Escape from Tarkov (Patch 0.12.3)

  1. Excellent video. Exactly what I was looking for as a newer player. Recently unlocked the flea market and looted an SVD and needed help modding it. One video and I'm done. Now to go lose this masterpiece. THANKS!

  2. I was expecting another dumbass making a 30000 minute video rambling on about horseshit, but this is perfect. Straight to the point, helped me a lot. Thank you 🙂

  3. This is an underrated channel, lets all agree to help push this content creator to the upper brackets!! way to go dude!

  4. Most of this kind of mod vids out there only shows u a couple of pre made builds and they not rly bother explaining to u how to build them (like newbies who are the main target for those vids supose to know what rail goes for which scope…). You my friend nailed everything! Best mod vid i've seen so far. Make mod vid for every single weapon in this game following this pattern and ur subs will reach 100k this year for sure! There one from me and i will share ur channel with my friends, good luck and thank you.

  5. Finally someone with a structured and organized guide utilizing the inventory in a useful way and not wasting the viewers time.

  6. How did you become familiar with all of the ways you can mod guns?
    I'm new to Tarkov (2 weeks new), and I literally have no idea what scope can go on what gun.

  7. Thanks for this video mate, helped me a ton with my modding, ended up coming out of a woods raid with a thermal and tons of other loot.

    By the way, I tried putting on a Vudu in it but I have this black circle around it as if I was using an eyecup, but as far as I know the Vudu doesn't have an eyecup, could it be a bug? I put the SAG MK1 with the 30mm P.E.P.R mount, if anyone has the same problem and knows a solution I would appreciate it!

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