"Terrace House" Star Hana Kimura Dead at 22 After Cyberbullying | E! News

The 22-year-old pro wrestler & star on the Netflix reality show “Terrace House” has passed away. Ronda Rousey, Nia Jax & more WWE stars mourn the shocking death.

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“Terrace House” Star Hana Kimura Dead at 22 After Cyberbullying | E! News

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44 thoughts on “"Terrace House" Star Hana Kimura Dead at 22 After Cyberbullying | E! News

  1. Today I was reminded of Hana once again….. 
    R.I.P Hana Kimura. She was bright, beautiful with her pink hair and shined whenever she smiled. She was a super girl on her way of becoming a superwoman, a star in the making. She was shy but somehow had a bubbly personally who made me smile through many episodes in her discovery of love and path of maturing. She did not deserve the hate, the comments and the bullying. Although many had viewed her as a strong wrestler who could easily take down her opponents she was like any 22 years old behind all those outfits and outside the wrestling ring who wanted to find love, blushed whenever she saw her crush and cared deeply for her castmates. She was so young, only 22 years old, and had a very bright future ahead of her. We will never get to see her wrestle, smile or rock her pink hair again. My heart goes out to her family, friends and cast mates. 
    I hope Hana is somewhere smiling happily and shining brightly.

  2. and then the sad thing about it is that instead owning up to things, those people who did wrong would start to point fingers. absolutely disgusting how things like this keep happening over and over again.

  3. Rip Hana. My favorite from terrace house. Im sorry to say this but when she decided to join terrace house she should know about the all the negative comments,all the stupid dm. U know being a public figure.I just couldnt believe it. Oh hana..you such a young soul. I hope u in better place.

  4. Omg, I was looking for updates on the next part of the showing coming in Netflix and I learn this. Truly unfortunate and I will pray for her family. OMG ☹️

  5. The "People" who make this happend now are free and they will not have a punishement , i have finished TH and 20 min later i have found this news …. Im whit out words just seeing the episodes i cant imagine her family and friends inside and out the house .

  6. Cyber bullying is evil, they should be put pn trial for murder if possible, but killing yourself, is just dumb, what point are those taking suicide route want to say? But nobody can answer that, because theyre dead. Some that got the chance to be alive somehow find their inner peace, did almost dying changed them? main point is to stay away from the cyber world if you are one of those people who cant take being hurt from cyberbullies… go become a monk or something, find your inner peace, dont feed the trools, its impossible to remove bad people from the world, but it should be easier to teach dumb people to not do dumb things

  7. i was sent here by pewds, And the fact that people can bully someone to the point where they can’t take it anymore sickens me, Rest in peace, Hana

  8. Bullying is like cancer. It's never gone, it's would live in you forever and it's spread fast.
    Bullying not hurting the target, but the one who love him would in pain too.
    Why would those toxic people life in this world?

  9. That's why i dont like comment section on Twitter and Tiktok.. Some of them may kind but MUCH OF THEM are full of bullshit, bullying everywhere and much more…

  10. She was my favorite Terrace House member of all time! I’m so sad that such a happy, young and talented woman can no longer share her light with the world!

  11. She get bullied when she was a student because she was a mixed heritage that's the cause of her trauma .

    What's wrong to this world why wanna judge on someone because of where they and what etnicity u are ?

  12. This breaks my heart. I didnt know before now , and I’m currently watching Terrace House. Every time I see Hana, it saddens me so much to think that a person with such a beautiful heart and spirit had to be victim to such uninhibited cyberbullying. Cyberbullying should be illegal so those who speak ill words online will personally feel the consequences of their filthy words

  13. This breaks my heart. I didnt know before now , and I’m currently watching Terrace House. Every time I see Hana, it saddens me so much to think that a person with such a beautiful heart and spirit had to be victim to cyberbullying

  14. I am so shocked and sad , I watched this lovely young lady on Terrace House she had a bubbly and beautiful personality , I can not believe that there is so much evil out there to hurt another human being to the extent that they would take there life , Shame on you , Hana May you Rest in Peace with the other Angels and my Condolences to her family ….

  15. She was much beautiful than those people who cyberbullied her

    May her soul rest in peace..

  16. I was literally in the middle of watching terrace house and cheering her on, when she won the wrestle match and I come to find this. My heart stopped…. I have no words… RIP💔

  17. this is insane, rip she was my favorite. hopefully they don’t cancel the show and run away from this, but instead shed light on mental health in japan

  18. Why don't you put the title as Hana kimura has finally became a corpse. ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐

  19. The bullies need to be punished!!!This is why I do not want to be famous,because there will be articles and bullying about me!!!! I hope ahe will be blessed,and be happy in heaven!!!

  20. Hearing about her death and then finding out her age and that I'm the same age makes me feel like I take my life for granted. Its sad that she took her own life. From a video I watched it seemed like she was a happy and carefree person, but I guess we're all human and being hounded by others really hurt. I know it is to late for her, but please if anyone is feeling suicidal reach out to someone. Even if they're someone you dont know. Sometimes it's easier to ask a stranger for help than family. If you are be cyberbullied please just take a break from online and if it comes more direct ask for help. For anyone on social media take a breather from the hate and just sign out for a week or 2 if you must and get your emotions on a calm level. People die everyday and we always forget how precious life is until moments like these. There's always happiness in life you just have to live long enough to find it.

    Rest in peace. Hopefully you'll be able to wrestle and be with the people you love in the next life.

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