The Witcher 2 – 7 Years Later! Revisiting an RPG Classic!

7 years have passed since CD Projekt Red released The Witcher 2. The game improved on so many things from the first one and became one of the best RPG games that ever came out.

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39 thoughts on “The Witcher 2 – 7 Years Later! Revisiting an RPG Classic!

  1. I’ve just finished W2 (I’ve played W3 first multiple times) It’s a really good game, but it’s insane how much improved between W2 and W3. I think the last chapter of W2 was much too short and the combat doesn’t have much depth, but the characters, world and story are top notch

  2. Sad I wished I could love this game but I tried and finished it and didn't. I think Witcher 2 is the weakest of the 3 main games. Maybe in some years I will return to this game and my opinion will change

  3. Man I wish this released on the PS4. I never got to play this (or the first one). And I thoroughly LOVED The Witcher III: Wild Hunt.

  4. Important Question: IS THIS VIDEO SPOILER FREE? I‘ve just finished the Witcher 1 and am so hyped about the Big improvement to the second Game. I killed the first Boss in Witcher 2 and fell in love. But I am too afraid to blindly go into this Video x) (Can‘t wait to finish the second Game and have the same technical improvement feeling like I had a few days ago)

  5. If you just finished it once, you kinda missed almost half of the game, people who did know what I'm talking about here. So I would say it is about 50-60 hours long, double what is stated in this video.

  6. Haha ironic that I collected all gems on the X360, this flew under the radar (idk the cover and art style of game seemed not appealing to me, media and cult coverage was meh back then). Microsoft offered this for free on Xbox Live few years ago, I was done with gaming (next-gen was not a big leap and felt more of the same but worse) and finishing my ''gems'' backlog felt like a chore, damn I tried it and easily in my top 5 of X360 classics.
    The Switch got me back into gaming again, bought Witcher 3 on it, made me decide to buy a One X (also Gamepass/Cyberpunk) to play it in 4k. This game, this free download made me supporter of CD Projekt Red. I was amazed at the story telling, quests, graphics and quirky world like a fcking drunk bridge troll that demands Vodka as payment.

  7. Witcher 3 is my fave game but Witcher 2 has special emotional place in my heart! It had the best style and artistic look, amazing flashback animations, cool cut-scene and just general atmosphere. Great characters, amazing story on both paths.. and walking through Flotsam forests still feels magical today. and it had Iorveth!! 💚 if you didn't play it you're missing out! In fact, play the whole trilogy!

  8. mordo uwielbiam szacun za wiedźmina posłuchaj tej piosenki

  9. The Killing Foltest even tho before The Witcher 2 i didnt played first and didnt red books (did it after The Witcher 2) The scen where Letho killed him make me crying like a little kid it was my first tears in game…

  10. They should make a remastered for the ps4. It would be a cash cow especially now the witcher has gained a lot more attention. I would love to play it but never was able because I didn't have a xbox or good enough pc….. please cd projekt.

  11. I wanna replay this more than I do the W3 because this one is simply shorter (that I can fit into my schedule) and similarly fulfilling 😀

  12. I bought a second hand xbox for this game, just before the third game came out. It didn't disappoint at all. What a great game!

  13. I just tried playing this game. Almost unplayable when compared to Witcher 3. Combat is so janky and voice acting is even jankier.

  14. Got this game for the 360 way back and couldn't get into it. After watching this video i am gonna give it another shot. It does help that im like 10 years older now so i can probably get into it more. Anyways just trying to say thanks for opening my eyes.

  15. Witcher 2 isn't open world at all, it basically has "levels" that you can roam within. and with a few exceptions those levels are streamlined with lots of "walls" you cannot overcome.

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