The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings All Cutscenes (Roche Path) Game Movie 1080p HD

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Geralt is in prison under suspicion of assassinating the king of Temeria. After interrogating Geralt, commander Roche decides that Geralt is innocent and aids him in escaping the prison. The two, along with sorceress Triss Merigold, go in search of the kingslayer.

The Witcher 2 brought the series into consoles for the first time, and it did a great job of streamlining their RPG for a wider audience. This is a must buy for any RPG fan. We tried to include as many side quest as possible, without bogging down the main story. BIG SHOUT OUT to EdgeBC ( He let us use parts of his walkthrough when our files corrupted for the end of Chapter 1 and beginning of Chapter 2. Those sections belong to EdgeBC, and we thank him for his graciousness!

As always we included relevant gameplay, important dialogue and all cutscenes to create one fluid cinematic experience. Enjoy!

Gameplay by Spanky
Edited by Knowledge

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28 thoughts on “The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings All Cutscenes (Roche Path) Game Movie 1080p HD

  1. I would love a game where i can create my own witcher and explore the world doing contracts, meeting people, and finding secrets

  2. Thank you for the cutscenes and extra stuff, really appreciate it and a good start for me as a new player who just got into the game from watching the Netflix series 🙂

    Although I would have made exactly opposites of all your big decisions, that's the beauty of the game I guess 🙂

  3. @3:00:00
    I realized how I tainted I was when I read the X button as "Freebies"for a sec…i'm like WTF u get to do that!?

  4. Nothing beats the w3 opening the voice over was amazing. W2 was Darker. And both games make Bethesda look utterly pathetic.

  5. Why do a video on Roche's path but help Triss in chapter 3 instead of Roche? The Dethmold scene is epic and he's in more cut-scenes at the end.

  6. is this on the easiest difficulties? like enemies just stand still most of the time, they are even taking turns to attack. kinda A.I sucks

  7. Anyone not familiar with the literature or the games should seriously watch this before starting the netflix show. My friends that watched the show cold turkey had no idea what was going on and were not able to enjoy it. The actor that plays geralt of rivia is excellent, however, I'm personally not impressed with the netflix series.

  8. So the story of the witcher 2 is the story after the witcher 3?so in the witcher 2…is yennefer dead forever?or resurrecting with geralt??

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