The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings – Part 1 – The Prologue! (Playthrough) – 1080P 60FPS

After finishing the witcher 1, I have imported over my save to the next instalment in the witcher franchise, the witcher 2: assassins of kings! I will attempt to complete every possible quest I can in the witcher 2: assassins of kings, on whatever path I choose. After I finish with this game I will be playing the witcher 3 in full so, be sure to subscribe, like and comment whatever awesome witcher information you have!
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A quick disclaimer – A lot of these videos use information from the witcher wiki, in some cases I do read directly from the pages, I do always make sure to include my own thoughts and other information I know myself, but I just want to make sure everyone is on the same page here. Even though I use information from the wiki, I do still create the videos, with time, effort and a lot of editing! The idea behind the lore videos is to present to information to you guys in a fun and more interesting way then you guys having to get the information from pages and read it yourself. If anyone isn’t okay with this I apologise, but since day one I have always said where I get the information from. Thank you for reading.


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50 thoughts on “The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings – Part 1 – The Prologue! (Playthrough) – 1080P 60FPS

  1. Witcher 2 is very bright( the sky , mountains even faces) , can you tell the brightness and gama settings?

  2. WOW you found a way to get him to surrender. In the other gameplays I've followed they consistently cut him up lol

  3. The melee combat in Witcher 2 feels more responsive in my opinion but I like everything else more about Witcher 3

  4. when the one npc yelled "death to the sister f***er" at 59:00 my friend hanging out with me and I said, "I mean…" at the exact same time lol he's makes a compelling argument

  5. Ok I’ve just bought and started obviously due to Cavel in the series…. I’m not a great gamer but I’m somehow stuck in the prologue. No matter how I start to play the bad guys just keep regenerating. I can’t fire the ballista. HELP!,

  6. Every, absolutely every hack'n'slash or beat'em'up game is played dramatically better with a gamepad, only retards use mouse and keyboard there. Don't you know about that, PC players? Mouse+keyboard are better only for shooters and some strategy games.

  7. 30:48 I know I'm late here, but yes, you actually can. You get an achievement/trophy for doing so as a matter of fact.

  8. God.. how much i wanted to play the witcher 2 and 1 but i couldn't its not on the ps3 and there is no remastered on the ps4 and i don't have a pc.. this is so sad for me

  9. You know what… I liked Roche in 3 but seeing him push Geralt around in this game he seems like a real a-hole.

  10. witcher 3 destroys this game, especially in lenght, 20 hours is too short for a rpg especially in the 2010s

  11. Im waiting for a sexist woman who will comment hate that a woman is the one fetching and serving drink lol.

  12. witchers figthing style looks a lot like wushu pretty cool idea to combine that into a warrior-mage hybrid

  13. i know hes not the best guy on the continent but poor Foltest, one daughter was a striga for a while. lost more of his children, then died after fighting a war to get them back.

  14. The armor in 2 is so much better looking than in 3 and suits a Witcher’s fighting style better. Wish it were the same in 3

  15. I'm glad they fixed the choice dialogue in the Witcher 3. For the most part it was better. The very first dialogue option right here at 10:45 was so miss leading, Telltale currently is doing the exact thing. That's important detail that developers need to realize and fix.

  16. I was laughing that Geralt was hurt by the punches or made evidence it hurt but then I realized… is being punched in the liver as bad for witchers as it is humans too? Then I stopped laughing. Only pain forged my thoughts

  17. Since this is backwards compatible on the xbox and the games probably dirt cheap since its been out for a while i really don't have an excuse to not get it

  18. I wish they would remaster Witcher 2. I love Witcher series, but I just CANT play a game with shitty graphics

  19. By the way, it is possible to get it. As far as I know there is an achievement for it. You need to get one in a half degrees as far as I can remember

  20. Are you going to play Vernon Roche's or Iorveths path? I personally prefer Roche's as the story relates more to the books, mostly the Book Time of Contempt.

  21. 7:17 the music is from Bulgaria, looks like cd project red are the only ones that include traditional Bulgarian music 🙁

  22. Yeees! I dont have enough time to play TW2 but thankfully I will know the backstory better than before! Thank you!!!

  23. Damn George, hit with the hour long vid, must have been hell to render as opposed to your regular vids. Either way, excited to see you hit Witcher 2.

  24. Hey @WitcherGeorge This vid has reminded me to ask this but the 3rd game takes place during the 3rd nilfgaardian war, i was thinking it would be a good idea to do some lore vids on the 1St and 2nd wars seeing people who just played the games know no little about them and battles such as brenna

  25. 26:50 Foltest was such a good king idc what anyone says, and the moments before that look how strong and lively Temeria was

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