This Is Techies – DotA 2 Funny Moments

That feel when a mine you’ve just set does work.

Like the intro or thumbnail? They were made by and if you’re looking for similar pieces of art you can contact him via

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33 thoughts on “This Is Techies – DotA 2 Funny Moments

  1. Can u upload full gameplay I want to learn tehcies in new map I will also be easy for you to upload full gameplay

  2. Love your videos but if I could ask one thing it would be that when you have a video of multiple games that you number the games like game 1-4 so when you switch between them it says somewhere small game 1 or whatever cause I love watching the techies vids but I get confused sometimes with the jump cuts between games

  3. U know what im copying ur styles im literally addicted to techies im just playin my old pick like darkseer and chaos knight U JUST INSPIRED ME TO PLAY TECHIES

  4. Can you please post a game where u play joker?? Not that i hate your techies videos but i have watched so many of them my techeis is better than yours now lol. Just wanna see you fuck up a lil. 😊😊😊😊

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