This Player Works At EPIC GAMES! Don't Believe It?

This Player Works At EPIC GAMES! (Fornite Funny & WTF Moments #130)

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What’s up guys, today I combine some of the funniest Fortnite moments including wtf moments to funny fails to a big video! Can we smash 5,000 likes for daily video episode 130 tomorrow!?
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Spxctator + Reversality






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32 thoughts on “This Player Works At EPIC GAMES! Don't Believe It?

  1. 4:48
    What do you mean WTF, you grappled into the ground at the speed of light and snapped your entire body XD
    No hate but like cmon XD

  2. Out of these 10 comment your favorite game
    1) Fortnite
    2) Minecraft
    3) Call of duty
    4) Pubg
    5) GTA (any of them)
    6) Saints Row (any of them)
    7) Mario games
    8) Pacman games
    9) Sonic games
    10) (insert game of choice)

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