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23 thoughts on “TRYING TO PARKOUR IN MINECRAFT (Cosmic Sky #9)

  1. Who ever decided to add parkour in this game and allow others to all be on the map at once and able to blind you is low key retarded. I don't even have a gaming PC and play this and I am cringing at this concept

  2. Great job Jon with the new series sure your not getting the views on the videos like u do on RL but good to see your bring new gaming content in to attract a new group of fans love the series

  3. if you do play prison, go to (thats the server ip) its so fun tho

  4. Maaan.. these videos are just great. Lots of fun and super entertaining ! I love how we can actually see you improve after each video.. crazy !! gg

  5. Jon I’ve been a long time subscriber and was wondering if u could bring back some modded stuff in rl like dodgeball or some challenges against lachy again

  6. You know I do like your minecraft gameplays but I think you should also do survival plays where only you or you with a friend try to survive and develop. Idk just a little piece of advice.

  7. well jon first of all i love you but char didn't tell them.. it was vikk n pete who built and upgraded.. but team red baby…

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