We Sacrificed Ourselves for BASTION!? | Destiny 2 (Season of Dawn)

Destiny 2 Season of Dawn introduces it’s first Kinetic Fusion Rifle – the Bastion!
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We Sacrificed Ourselves for BASTION!? | Destiny 2 (Season of Dawn)

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29 thoughts on “We Sacrificed Ourselves for BASTION!? | Destiny 2 (Season of Dawn)

  1. I know this vid is old and all but I use bastion and it’s more like a passive/aggressive shotgun you gotta pay attention to the engagement and the ranges but once you get used to doing that this things a beast.😂

  2. Tries to snipe with bastion

    Yo this weapon trash

    uses it like a fusion rifle

    Yo this is kinda good

  3. The only disappointing thing is this is ANOTHER shield breaking exotic. Don’t we already have Arbalest, Hard Light, The Devil’s Ruin, Telesto, Two-Tailed Fox, and weapon mods to address that? C’mon Bungie. Where’s the diversity?
    With a name like Bastion, this weapon should have had a more protective trait. Maybe an over shield while sprinting or armor boost to teammates you shoot.
    This thing definitely wasn’t worth the quest.

  4. I loved d2, I solod all the crucible pinnacle weapons but I stopped playing when shadow keep came out because I can't be asked to spend 50quid to progress in a dying game

  5. It's only purpose is to shoot at very close range for pvp. Its worthless against anything and its "ok" on bosses.

  6. what armor is the hunter wearing???
    ive started D2 just a few days ago, already light 902…but still havent found it

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    If u don't have a PO Box we can use Dattos and he can forward to you.?

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    Tashman, get creative and don't use Spare Rations even though I think it is allowed.

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    Good Luck Boys, I don't think there will be very many 3rd graders in this Tournament so u better bone up.


  8. Nobody gonna mention that 15k damage rumble result screen, then?

    Dude must’ve done 199 damage on every single assist.

  9. mr fruit can you please make an unsatisfying montage of sniper and marksman rifle hitmarkers on cod? i would love to see that kind of golden content

  10. It's not that hard to get this weapon on your own account you know. Takes about an hour to 90 mins or so. Just check the steps beforehand.

  11. Now that Hunter knives one shot I would love to see Mr. Fruit do an old school montage again like he did in early D1. That was the video that made me sub to him all those years ago.

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