Weekly Weapon Showcase #9 ; SVDS MK1 PVP Build – Escape From Tarkov

For the ninth installment in my Weekly Weapon Showcase Series, I present to you the beautiful, powerful and truly fearsome SVDS, custom built with the MK1 Chassis, a suppressor and one amazing sniper optic.

The SVD kind of flies under the radar a little when it comes to PVP weapons, but I think that is a mistake! With good aim and a few mags of 7N1 Sniper Ammo, you’ll be one-tapping Thoraxes all over the map in no time at all! Call me controversial, but I truly think this is the best PVP DMR in Escape From Tarkov!!

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23 thoughts on “Weekly Weapon Showcase #9 ; SVDS MK1 PVP Build – Escape From Tarkov

  1. I won a fight against a thermal svd after he shot me more then 8 times because he had 7n1 rounds and not snb. The fight started when he shot me 2 times in the back of my head but too bad for him I have the Vulcan helmet. Then I tanked a bunch of shots with my fort before I killed him with my mosin

  2. I really want to like this gun but I find with the ergo I always out perform the svds with a m1a. I do really like 54R rounds though, even if I feel like i never get one taps anymore

  3. What kind of god tier plot armor are you wearing to survive people spraying you over and over and you living to tell the tale… If i get seen first im instantly downed even with t4 body and helm

  4. Can i say that reserve is absolutely amazing. The svd has quickly become my weapon of choice and i seem to find one everytime i scav in reserve, plus a huge amount of snb which with semi auto is very good, pso scopes if i want to be the chad scav. It's just so fun and reliable

  5. I used to think I was awful at tarkov but when I finally built up the courage to being my good gear into a raid I was able to kill a few players with relative ease. I couldn’t have done it without youtubers like you giving me tips and stuff, so thanks!

  6. All this modding and you get down to base M1A recoil 😉 I like to use SVD from time to time though, it reminds me of Operation Flashpoint (2001).

  7. My favourite weapon in the whole game. I have two weapon cases full of SVDs !
    I tried hard to fall in love with the RSASS but I keep getting back to the SVD. The 7N1 ability to easily dispatch most threat for less money than NATO rounds is just too good to miss. And the gun looks every bit as beautiful as its western counterparts.
    I'm running mine with the Burris TAC30 scope, I find the magnification of the Vudu to be too big for my taste. And it's twice as cheap as well.

    I hope that the next patch will bring some goodies for improving the stock. I've seen some pics of SVD and SVDS with a slip-on recoil pad like on the AKs. I would be happy to see this in the game.

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