Why Players Hate The Epic Game Store – Forge Labs

Why Players Hate The Epic Game Store
Between Steam, Origin, UPlay & The Epic Game Store, there are a lot of game launchers and stores. However, The Epic Game store has been subject to a lot of criticism after developer Deep Silver announced that the upcoming title Metro Exodus will launch exclusively on The Epic Game Store, despite being advertised to fans on Steam prior.

There are plenty of reasons why players hate The Epic Game Store. This Forge Labs video explains why that is.

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Why Players Hate The Epic Game Store – Forge Labs

Forge Labs

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33 thoughts on “Why Players Hate The Epic Game Store – Forge Labs

  1. now you can play offline.
    probably now there are also cloud saves.
    epic games store>any other store
    (also for the free games)

  2. I dont care about their policy, its their name that puts me off. I mean epic games? Really that name am i like 8 years old?

  3. The only launcher I love besides steam is GOG because they give client free DRM free games.
    I have kept epic launcher only because they give free games.
    Even their games I launch from steam library.

  4. Epic store is fraud. I installed it, most free games I was interested in I ordered them. They did not sent me any invoice ID's for those games and I had no idea that it should be sent so I just gathered those free games on my account. Then they removed all of them from my account!!!!! They are fraud! They rip off some of users so they save on money for free games!!!

  5. Everyone taking a piss on epic store but ik for a fact that you douche bags downloaded free gta5 borderlands handsome collections civilisation 6 and ark survival for free from there…cause i sure did

  6. You are playing pirated game if you get epic games' free games because there is No achievements, you cant see your time while playing a game, no user reviews.

    so you cant feel you are playing original game

  7. Even worse is that they're giving out free games like gta 5 for instance so everyone can start using their platform and all these idiots are falling for it

  8. Most disturbing is! Giving people free games! I mean we just pay for those game but someone get it for free?

  9. 1: you can now save on/offline with epic games store
    2: being connected to the internet to play a game actively prevents people from hacking or messing with the game files
    3: controllers now work for games (also they worked for some games before the change, you just had to configure it yourself in the options.. its kinda hard for epicgames store to take out the option for controllers when its programmed into the game during its making.. also whining about not being able to use a controller.. just get good you plebs)
    4: pricing on games is unfortunate but people have dished out FAR more then the entry price for pay-to-win games… which are ABUNDANT on steam
    5: cant meet friends? epicgames store's friends list is a step up from steams.. which bugs the fuck out when i try to play with friends.. also steam added some basic things last year that should have been there years ago, also epicgames store is literally the age of an infant (or around that age) steam is over TEN YERAS OLD, how the fuck you gonna defend their lazy asses? its like a ten y/o that keeps shitting themselves and expecting you to be complacent about it
    6: you can not only read reviews on games on the multitude of legit website but you can also look up videos on youtube for the gameplay reviews (which the majority of players do), you just gotta stop being lazy (not to mention some people straight up ignore reviews on steam and buy the game anyway)… "detailed" "digestible" lol.. not when you got a assholes leaving troll reviews or angy nerds review bombing a game
    7: review bombs and gaming-the-system are in fact real problems which steam suffers from, not to mention steams "free market" is left open for scams which they dont take accountability for (lets say you bought a certain battle royal game that requires you to dish out money for anything remotely useful or to be even relevant in PvP situation, obviously the game is trash so try to get a refund but cant since either it was gifted to you or your just past the "2 hour mark"), also you would think the average person would be suspicious if suddenly you couldnt see reviews for a game, call me crazy but common sense is a thing
    8: user profiles.. the store is still in infancy stage, achievements are virtually useless other then releasing dopamine in the brain.. the store is still in its infancy stage meaning such things arent available yet.. epic games didnt think they would be as big as they are now so things like this make sense, its like a blind person slowly getting their vision back, expecting to not have any sight for the rest of their lives

  10. I got star wars Jedi fallen order on epic games store but when I download it ,it tells me I need origins to get it am I the only one having this problem

  11. Sure epic games is bullshit for all these reasons but atleast appreciate the free and good games that they spent the money they got from kids stealing their parents credit card on fortnut to give us a chance for the people who don't want to spend their hard earned cash. Good examples of these games are overcooked, ark survival evolved, borderlands the handsome collection, GTA V, assassin's creed syndicate, steep, slime rancher, just cause 4, super meat boy, subnautica etc. And more to come.

  12. building my first gaming pc so i thought it was time i finally learned why everyone seems to hate Epic Games Store lol

  13. STEAM launcher started back in 2003 (17 years).. Epic games started back in 2018 (2 years).. so, give it time. I KNOW there are lot of steam fan bois out there. and Steam did not give free GTA 5 did it??

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