Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition – Xbox 360 Review

IGN reviews the new “Enhanced Edition” of the epic role playing game Witcher 2. Is this new Xbox 360 version as impressive as the original PC version, or did the port process detract from one of the best RPGs of recent years?

MSRP: $59.99
M for Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Nudity, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs
Genre: RPG
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive
Developer/Co-Developer: CD Projekt / Metropolis Software House

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46 thoughts on “Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition – Xbox 360 Review

  1. The witcher series is great and damn geralt looks badasss in this one the most uen should of been introduced in this one instead of three also after cyberpunk they should make a witcher 2 remastered

  2. Aside the fact this got a 8.5 instead of a rightful 9-9.5, this review doesn't state the fact the X360 employs a completely different lightning engine compared to the PC version, making it in some ways look better than the PC version.

  3. They give every Call Of Duty game a higher score than The Witcher…. I don't trust any review these guys put out haha

  4. Had to borrow my friends xbox 360 since this game ain't available on ps4 and ps3 but after beating the witcher 3 for 3 times already i think its worth it!

  5. Great game but I'm trying to get through it so I can get to the beautiful, legendary Witcher 3. I don't want to go through the scenario many have gone through where they play 3 first then came back to the first two because it probably feels so limiting compared to Witcher 3.

  6. I got my 14th Xbox 360 again. and I got this version and I've play very little on the 3rd game so hopefully this will help me with the storyline.

  7. After playing The Witcher 3, it introduced me in this world and got me invested in the story and I decided to get into this game as well. Biggest mistake ever. This game looks hideous to the point of being unplayable after playing the Witcher 3 and I should have started with this one.

  8. Wow, I guess it's been longer than I thought since I last played this… I don't remember the graphics looking this bad.

  9. Im downloading the game as I tyoe this, if you have played the game what tips do you have on how do get things done? I played the witcher 3 and was surprised at how complex it was so I hadnt bought it. Now im glad I didnt because I got TW2 for free

  10. Help, noob here, I'm stuck in the tutorial.. cannot place bombs, traps from the Pocket items.. suposed to be with RB but is not working..

  11. This is the witcher that made me fall in love with triss. Didn't care for her too much in the first game, now the 3rd game is just making me wish that hot, sweet, and kind red head sorceress was real lol 😉

  12. Probably going to get internet punched in the the throat but I found the witcher 2 really boring and I didn't like it

  13. Got this from the marketplace a couple weeks ago and during one of my reloads geralts face is missing! Anyone know how to fix this without having to start a new game all over?

  14. A few years back this game overheated my laptop and caught it on fire 😭 1tb hd 12 gb ram nvidia gtx650M 2gb and wouldn't run on high graphics.

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