you can MINE the DRAGON EGG in Minecraft…?!

Mining the dragon egg & more neat Minecraft facts!
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25 thoughts on “you can MINE the DRAGON EGG in Minecraft…?!

  1. Idk how I didn't pick up on it while commentating the script, but I believe the fact about needing to build to the height limit in order to mine the dragon egg is wrong. I believe you just have to have 16+ block walls around the egg in all directions. Armand Guillet also asked if you can just surround the egg w/ water, which I hadn't thought of, and YES, you can. Sorry we didn't think of that for the video itself!

  2. AntVenom: Before you place a block down, always think about who or what may be inside of it.
    Me: Ok first, I THOUGHT YOU WERE ANTVENOM NOT MATPAT And second, This is Minecraft. Not the Portal Companion Cube.

  3. 4:19 "Within only a few seconds." After going through with all that other madness, of course.

    I still don't get why soul sand doesn't suck bubbles down, and magma doesn't push bubbles up because of its heat.

  4. whoa, I didn't know you could place lilypads on waterlogged blocks!
    Or the dragon egg thing lol

  5. In mcpe If you are in creative you can mine the egg with a pick if you just hold into it but as it happens with every other block in the game it disappears I think this may work in survival but I haven't tested it yet

  6. “Did you learn anything from this video?” Hell yeah I did, I learned more than a school could teach me

  7. I am nether spawning the wither again

    Haha, I’m punny

    That’s another pun (punny instead of funny)

    Wither or not you like the pun, I don’t care

    Haha did it again

  8. Not sure how many people know this but if you aim a bow or crossbow at a dragon egg it will teleport away

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