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32 thoughts on “ZED TIPS & TRICKS | ZED VS. LEBLANC

  1. Man ty u sooo much hahah i just end a game vs lb with 17/3/9 that's my KDA but LB 1/11/2 :p love it but can you do a video about new build or something like this one here plz again i will hlp you to for you channel i will share this in my grp and page and ty ^^

  2. Fedor, do a "Tip and Tricks" against Swain… I've been playing against him and was very hard, so if you know how to counter him do a video. Thanks man.

  3. rly helped played to day againts le blanc lost the game but score was 16/2/11
    Zed, Lee and Yasuo main

  4. Zed is broken AF anyway so you can easily beat Leblanc, as someone who mains Leblanc this video was useful aswell

  5. Thanks man, your videos are gonna help me so much! I think I'm gonna watch your stream, cause you play so well.

  6. may I know that how can you use W so fast when ulti,look like you use ur ulti he auto W,so fast,I need this skill in escape,can you make that skill video?

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